An honest discussion on race in America

How much better would the political dialogue be in America if people would only be honest?  Politicians on both sides of the aisle lie so often that it is hard to believe anything they say.  For politicians, lying is no longer an issue of morality, lying is seen as a tool to obtain a goal; the ends justify the means.  If lying gets me to where I want to be then lying is good; it is even necessary if it means defeating the evil people who are in political opposition.  Dishonesty is a cancer that destroys the truth and it is impossible to have an honest discussion on race in America because very few people are willing to be honest and acknowledge the truth.  Personal agenda drives the discussion, not truth.

Let’s get real with some honest discussion on racial tensions in our country.  Race relations today are a million times better than they were in the 60’s and 70’s.  95+% of people under the age of 40 are completely intolerant of racism or discrimination of any form.  There are, however, factions in this country who are actually attempting to throw gas on the racial fires that have been flaring up in this country in order to fulfill a political or social agenda.  There are many on the left who feel that rioting and violence are the only way achieve their definition of social justice.  All this accomplishes is uniting the far-right hate groups and providing for them a public platform to spew their hateful message and to give them propaganda to recruit others into their ranks.  Left-wing anarchist groups have sown the lie that violence is necessary for change and that lie has taken root and is flourishing all across the liberal left.

Is racism evil? Yes.  Does racism exist in America? Yes.  Will racism always exist? Yes, we are a sinful people who are subject to sinful passions as long as we reject God’s rule over our lives.  Protesting or legislation will not change that spiritual truth.  Does black America have a legitimate gripe with white America?  Let’s examine the charges that are being made.  One of the most incendiary accusations being hurled at white America is that young black men are being hunted down and killed on the streets; is this true?  Contrary to left-wing activist rhetoric, the statistics simply do not back up this assertion.  F.B.I. statistics on crime show that there are more white men killed by police than black men.  Crime statistics clearly show that a young black man is far more likely to be killed by another young black man.  Are young black men targeted by the police more often than young white men?  Yes, but the simple reason is that young black men are far more likely to be involved in violent crimes or drug/gang related activity.  There is simply no disputing this statement, statistics and police experience clearly back this up.  Denial of this is denial of truth.

Do police officers get away with killing young black men?  Before I go any further on answering this point let me first address what I believe is a credibility problem with the black community on this matter.  Protesting the murder of Treyvon Martin as a racial issue takes away any serious credibility from the black protestors because no one involved in the killing was white but still it was billed as a racial incident that was pointed at the white community.  The killing of Michael Brown and the subsequent rioting removes any serious credibility from black protestors because the premise that Michael Brown was an innocent young boy who was kneeling on the street with his hands up begging not to be shot was preposterous from the beginning.  Every investigation into the incident proved the white police officer’s innocence.  The death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore was also protested as a racial attack by police when the reality is that half the officers involved were black and no one will ever truly know what happened to the man.  Don’t cry wolf every time lest the very people you are trying to convince turn a deaf ear to you when you make a valid protest.

I believe that police officers must be given the benefit of the doubt if we are to maintain the integrity of our justice system.  However, when an officer is blatantly guilty of poor judgement that leads to the death of anyone where that death could have been avoided then justice needs to be served.  When a young black man is running away from a police officer and he gets shot in the back there is absolutely no way the officer should be let off without any serious consequences.  When an officer shoots an unarmed young black man 16 times in the street there should be serious consequences for his actions when that shooting was easily avoided.  There was a case last year where an older white police officer shot and killed a young black man and the officer’s defense was he thought he was firing his Taser instead of his revolver.  Even if that excuse was true (which is highly dubious) the officer should have at least been charged with manslaughter; instead he got off with less than a slap on the wrist.  Was race a motivating factor in any of these cases?  I don’t know but to me it is irrelevant; our elected officials should be held to the highest standards and those that carry a gun and shield should also be held to the highest standard.  Do police officers circle the wagons and protect their own?  I’m certain that they do and that cannot and should not be tolerated.  Equal justice for all is the very foundation on which our legal system stands.  I think the black community has some very legitimate gripes with law enforcement that need to be acknowledged and addressed.

But what about the black community as a whole taking responsibility for their behavior?  The prevailing thought that is driving the activist black community is that they are in no way responsible for any of the bad behavior that plagues their communities.  White oppression is the excuse for everything.  Charles Barkley, an outspoken black basketball star, was recently called a “Black white supremist” by the editor of a black newspaper because he had the audacity to call on the black community to take responsibility for their behavior.  The black editor said that anyone who begins a sentence with the words, “Black people need to,” is a white supremist.  I believe that black people have been unfairly oppressed for generations.  I believe that the average black person has a more difficult road to success than the average white person.    I also believe that the black inner city community has adopted a destructive culture that will forever keep them in a state of self-inflicted oppression.  Blaming white people isn’t going to do a single thing about the bigger problems of blacks killing blacks, children born without fathers, a violent gang culture, rejection of traditional education, treating women like sex objects and other destructive patterns of behavior that define what it means to be black to many inner-city black kids.

Until whites are honest about some of the unfair practices still being directed at the black community and blacks are honest about their need for personal responsibility there will be no progress made in bridging the ever widening gap between the races.

Please tell me where I’m going wrong.

Judging the past by the standards of today


It is morally disingenuous to judge societal practices of the past by the standards of today.  Yet that is exactly what liberal professors are teaching our children to do and as a result we have produced a generation of radical misinformed zealots who have lost all historical perspective.  Evil is evil and therefore should be judged as evil no matter the time period; or so says the naïve twentysomething social justice warrior.  While that statement sounds simple and easy to adopt as a foundation for righteous indignation, the truth is that it is not that simple and it is most certainly not true.

The fact of the matter is that the definition of what is to be considered evil by societal standards is constantly changing throughout history.  Truth be told, standards of morality can vary greatly simply upon geographical location.  The Middle-East considers many accepted moral standards of western culture to be evil while at the same time many westerners consider some Middle-Eastern practices to be evil and repugnant.  Who is right?  What if a sixteen year old daughter becomes a vegan and her father loves to eat a good steak?  Is he evil simply because she thinks it’s morally wrong to eat meat?  As you can see determining the standard of evil is far more complicated than the simplistic liberal theology that is being fed to our children in colleges and universities.

Historical perspective is so lacking in social education that many young people believe that the United States invented slavery.  The truth of the matter is that the United States ended slavery.  When Europeans settled our country in the 17th and 18th centuries slavery was commonly practiced around the world.  In fact slavery has been a common practice since the dawn of civilization.  The American Indians had slaves though you will never hear that taught in our universities.  Over one million white Irish children were sold into slavery during the early years of our country yet college professors are attempting to whitewash this fact from history because it doesn’t fit the current liberal narrative that all European whites are evil and only blacks are victims.  Answer this question: who was more evil, the white plantation owners who bought slaves or the black African slave traders who kidnapped and sold other black Africans?  Historically speaking the Muslims are believed to have enslaved over 200 million people of all colors yet they not only get a free pass on college campuses, they are vehemently defended.  Why?

The world we live in today is far different than the world of yesterday.  The last two generations that have grown in the United States have only known relative world peace.  This gives them a warped perspective on history.  For thousands of years nations and empires have existed and grown by only one means; conquering other lands.  The concept of accumulating wealth through industry has only become a world reality since the late 1800’s.  Prior to that countries were warring with other countries to take control of their gold, silver and other valuable assets.  One of the great spoils of war was slaves.  Slaves of all colors helped build empires across the world.  However, another normal was that tens of millions of white farmers and soldiers were slaughtered on the battlefield in the name of King and country and that was considered another day at the office. The overwhelming majority of European whites had a lifespan equal to the attention span of a modern six year old.  Today we would consider that lifestyle to be barbaric but it was the only lifestyle known for thousands of years; it would be wrong to judge them by our standards of today.

What if we reversed the scenario?  What if our founding fathers were to judge today’s generation by the standards of yesterday?  Would that be fair?  Today’s generation would be considered perhaps the most morally evil society in history because we kill our own babies and celebrate it with marches and rallies.  Our open embrace of pornography would repulse our founding fathers as would the fact that many young women today walk the streets dressed like prostitutes.  I personally think that the killing of our babies is one of the most evil things that has ever taken place in history but does that mean that I should consider every woman that has an abortion to be evil or is she merely a product of what she has been taught by the current morals of her society?

Good and evil along with right and wrong have changed so often in just the past decade that you need a scorecard to keep track of the latest changes.  Jokes that were hysterical only a generation ago would result in marches and riots today.  Dressing in a Halloween costume where you represent another nationality is now considered racially insensitive and therefore evil.  If you open up a Mexican restaurant and you’re not of Mexican descent you are considered to be evil by this kooky generation that is looking to protest any perceived racial slight.  Is someone who dresses in a Mexican hat on Cinco de Mayo really evil?  To many young social justice warriors the answer is yes.

I am in no way justifying slavery or any form of discrimination.  I am merely attempting to bring historical perspective to our current discussions of racial and social issues.  People who were born in the 30’, 40’s and 50’s grew up in a completely different world than the one we live in.  It is almost impossible for them to keep up with the constant changes as a result of political correctness; they can’t even turn on a computer.  They are not evil if they use the wrong word to describe a race of people.  It is too simple and morally disingenuous to condemn the past by using the standards of today.  We are all products of our environment and the accepted norms of the day that we lived in.  It is also morally disingenuous to say that race relations are as bad now as they have ever been.  95% of white people in America completely reject racism and discrimination which a vast improvement from the decades of the 60’s and 70’s that I grew up in.

Is Nancy Pelosi a righteous social warrior because now she wants to remove confederate statues from government grounds?  If she is then that also means she was evil for walking past the exact same statues for fifty years and having no problem with what they represented.  You can’t have it both ways.




Left-wing violence, the new sacred cow


President Trump was roundly excoriated by the left and even many on the right for having the audacity to assign a portion of blame to left-wing protestors in the Charlottesville riots.  Media pundits across the spectrum were highly offended that the President refused to assign the totality of blame to the evil white supremist marchers.  Left-wing violence is the new sacred cow in America; it cannot be touched, it cannot be criticized, it is, in fact, to be worshipped.

Let us establish some undeniable facts about the Charlottesville incident.  The white supremists and KKK members had a legally obtained a permit to march and to protest.  The white supremists had a constitutional right of free speech and to have and to speak any world view they desire.  The Left-wing protestors came to the rally for one purpose; to interrupt the rally though violent protest.  Violent protest is illegal.  Whoever disputes these facts that I have just laid out is a denier who is not interested in truth but in emotional justification.

Let’s take a look at President Trump comments on the Charlottesville riot.  My personal opinion is that his first comments on the incident were too measured and too cautious.  His excuse that he was waiting for all the facts to come in was farcical because everyone knows he shoots first and asks questions later.  His second comments about the incident where he harshly criticized the racist protestors I thought were on the money and should have silenced any Trump naysayers; they did not.  Despite the fact that President Trump clearly condemned the racist protestors in no uncertain terms, he was still being falsely accused of going soft on them.  His third comments on the matter I thought were his most courageous.  During these comments he once again condemned the racist protestors but he also called out the violence that was perpetrated by the left-wing radicals that were there to riot.  Everything President Trump said during that press conference was factually accurate.  The racist factions that were present are vile, hate-filled people.  The left-wing radicals that were present bear a healthy percentage of blame for the violence that took place.  Finally he said that not everyone that was there to protest the removal of confederate statues was a hater and a racist.  He went on to say that there were people on both side of the aisle that were basically good people who were not there to cause violence.  All three of those statements are to be construed as accurate to any fair minded individual.  The accuracy of the President’s statement didn’t matter to the anti-Trumpers; left-wing violence is never to be put in the same category as racist ideals.  In fact left-wing violence is never to be called wrong at all; under any circumstance.

Noted conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, no fan of the President, even created his own moral law when he declared that when racism is involved it must stand alone and not be mixed together with other immoral acts.  It was outrageous to him that the President would dare to even address the left-wing violence when racism was involved.  How dare he condemn President Trump of a moral failure of his own creation.  When then does left-wing violence ever get addressed, certainly never in the Presidency of Barack Obama.  Not only did the former President regularly ignore left-wing violence, he passively supported it.  Left-wing violence is always morally justified in the press and in the Democrat Party.  Conservative Tea Party marches were always portrayed in the media as a gathering of hateful violent conservatives even though no violence ever took place.  On the contrary, Black Lives Matter marches where violence almost always took place was never condemned or even scrutinized by the media.  Violent university protests by left-wing radicals are never portrayed or reported in a negative light; they are in fact heralded as beautiful expressions of our first amendment right of free speech.

I personally side with the 95% of Americans who consider racism to be morally repulsive.  I also, however, consider the glorification of left-wing violence to be morally repulsive and highly hypocritical.  We can’t have rallies in support of free speech and in those very rallies declare that we must suppress the rights of free speech of others with whom we disagree.  This isn’t only morally wrong it is psychologically perverse.  The Bible says that we overcome evil with good, not with violence.


Playing Russian roulette

Any regular reader knows that I have stated on numerous occasions the many wonderful accomplishments that President Trump’s administration has accomplished.  Unfortunately, many of these accomplishments go unnoticed for two reasons.  First, there is an undeniable anti-Trump sentiment in the media and as a result many of these accomplishments go virtually unreported or they are blatantly ignored.  Second, these accomplishments are often overshadowed by colossal missteps by the President and his administration.  While I strongly continue to support President Trump’s agenda because I believe it is in the best interests of our country, it is also impossible to ignore the myriad of political blunders that have been made.  The Trump administration has been playing Russian roulette and it is only a matter of time before someone gets shot and it might even be the President himself.

The latest revelations involving Donald Trump Jr. and possible collusion with the Russian government is truly scandalous.  Though it is quite possible that nothing that happened will meet the technical standard of illegality, there is simply no denying that there is, at the very least, a serious ethical problem with members of the Trump team.  Their self- inflicted wounds continue to put blood in the water that continues to give life to the media feeding frenzy.  Trump supporters who continue to make excuses for the administration are showing themselves to be no more honest than liberal deniers who continually made excuses for the Clintons and the Obamas.

Before I continue, let me say that I have absolutely no doubts that if a high ranking member of the Clinton political team received the same offer of dirt on Donald Trump from a Russian source they would have jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on it.  The only difference would be that the Democrats wouldn’t be stupid enough to allow high ranking members of the team to get involved and risk public exposure.  So to all the pompous Democrats who are riding high on their ideals and personal integrity; get off your high horses.  If the Devil offered you information on a Republican opponent you would have set up a secret meeting in Hell in order to get your hands on it.

The list of people connected to the Trump administration who have either lied about meetings with Russian officials or who have claimed to have forgotten about meetings is staggering.  So much so that even the most non-partisan politician would be forced to wonder if there was something to hide.  The names General Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. make up just a partial list of high ranking Trump officials who, let’s be honest here, lied about meetings with the Russians.  Let us keep in mind that these men were required by law to list any contact with foreign agents in order to receive top government security clearance.  Doesn’t this constitute a legitimate reason to ask why so many members of President Trump’s inner circle failed to provide legally required information?

National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn was forced to resign as a result of lying about Russian connections.  Attorney Jeff Sessions could easily have been forced to resign for his missteps regarding contact with Russian officials.  Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner could and probably should have their security clearances revoked.  The Democrats or the mainstream media are not to blame for any of these things, they are all self-inflicted.

My take on all this is that there is a massive cover-up but no crime.  There was most likely legal but highly unethical communication between foreign officials and Trump officials; the release of the Trump Jr. E-mails pretty much confirms this.  I see Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner losing their security clearances as a result.  I also see President Trump fighting the loss of the security clearances and thereby creating a much bigger mess than currently exists.  The saga of the Russian collusion soap opera is far from over.

So what’s the lesson to learn from all this boys and girls?  If you play Russian roulette you will eventually get shot.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the many faces of Donald Trump


Donald Trump continues to spend as much time dealing with self-inflicted wounds as he does with major national policy issues.  If President Trump was a tennis player he would lead the tour in aces AND unforced errors.  In the past week his administration should have been basking in the light of his progressing agenda but instead all attention has been shifted to his petty squabbles with CNN and MSNBC.  If Donald Trump doesn’t grow up, a second presidential term will slip out of his grasp and all the conservative good he has done will be easily erased.  Let’s assess his presidency to this point.

THE GOOD- Donald Trump will have done more good for this country in 8 months than Barack Obama did in 8 years.  Let’s make a partial list of his good accomplishments.

Border security

Improving the VA debacle

Reducing costly regulations

Restraining the EPA

Withdrawing from the awful Paris Climate Agreement

Making the U.S. an exporter of energy

Jobs creation

Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch

Exposing the liberal press

Many others

THE BAD- the General Flynn appointment was a bad move by the administration.  There was a total breakdown in the vetting process and there is simply no excuse for the way it went down.  It’s the administrations job to know every little detail about a cabinet member’s life before an appointment is made.  Flynn’s blatant omissions of receiving Russian money have been a major source of fuel for the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory and a black mark on the administration.

The James Comey Affair.  Why wasn’t James Comey fired immediately after Donald Trump was inaugurated as President?  It was clearly a bad decision that left many people, including myself, scratching our heads.  Then, to make a bad situation worse, what was Donald Trump thinking when he had the room cleared in order to ask Director Comey to drop the investigation into General Flynn.  A sitting President isn’t supposed to act like Don Corleone from the Godfather movies.  Whether it was technically legal for him to do or not, it made for bad optics and gave the appearance of impropriety. Also, after Comey was fired, there were at least four different versions of why he was fired coming out of the White House; that is bad communications management.  There’s more bad but you get my point.

THE UGLY- I’m amazed at how many Donald Trump supporters are making excuses for his recent tweets about CNN and some MSNBC hosts.  Let’s make this simple; his tweets were infantile and an embarrassment to the office of the President of the United States of America.  It doesn’t matter how many ugly tweets can be found coming from liberals, the highest office in the land needs to have the highest standards of integrity in the land.  I am not against Donald Trump tweeting as President of the United States.  I am against a spoiled 13 year old version of Donald Trump tweeting as President of the United States.

These recent tweets, along with others, demonstrate two character flaws in Donald Trump.  One: he is thin-skinned, vindictive and petulant.  Two: he is so arrogant that he clearly doesn’t listen to anyone.  I can only imagine what his advisors and his communications team must say to each other every time he drops one of his “Tweet-bombs.”  There is no way that he hasn’t been told a thousand times to control his tweet tooth addiction that he has but Donald Trump thinks he knows better than everyone; he doesn’t.  Donald Trump needs what every politician needs; a filter.  He just needs it more than everyone else.  Since I know that the President is an avid follower of R.U. Kiddingme, I am giving my advice for the sake of the future of our great country; so please hear what I have to say.  You may think that you are the Commander in Tweet but you need to appoint someone to be Lord of your Tweets.  You need someone less emotionally impulsive who can act as your filter to help protect you from self-inflicted wounds.  Remember Mr. President, when you are swimming with sharks it only take a little blood in the water to create a feeding frenzy.


Karma and the Dems


For eight years the Democratic Party has gotten away with everything.  They operated with absolute impunity knowing that the mainstream press would provide them the cover they needed.  They were, as mob bosses used to say when they had the county judge in their pocked, untouchable.  Eric Holder blatantly refused a subpoena to turn over pertinent documents in the Fast and Furious scandal and hardly anyone in America is even aware of it, the press swept it under the rug.  The IRS was used by the Obama administration to target and impede conservative groups in an attempt to influence a presidential election.  This abuse of power, which is epic in American history, is far more scandalous and threatening than any Russian tampering with our election process.  Lois Lerner, who ran the IRS at that time, had computers destroyed to cover up her departments misdeeds and yet the press saw no need to launch a single true investigation into the matter; it simply faded away with no fanfare and no one being held accountable.  The Democratic Party was truly “Untouchable” and the highlight of their untouchable status was Hillary Clinton clearly violating the law with her secret, unsecured e-mail server and getting away with nothing but a public scolding.

The Dems were so sure of their invincibility to public scrutiny that they felt no hesitation in launching a blatant attack to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.  Even though they have more skeletons hiding in closets than Disney’s Haunted Mansion, they felt confident that they were scandal-proof…and then came James Comey’s public testimony.

The Dems were salivating at the prospect of James Comey providing damning testimony that would lead to a lengthy impeachment process and then karma entered the room.  While Mr. Comey attempted to defend his character by calling Donald Trump a liar, he gave no testimony that the Dems could use as a stake to drive in Donald Trump’s presidency; but he did provide a key that may possibly unlock the closets and expose many skeletons that the Dems and the press have been covering up for years.  When former FBI Director Comey mentioned that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had tried to influence and change the tone of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, he lit karma’s fuse that may very well explode on the Democratic Party.

Since his public testimony, there has been a major shift in the tone and direction of the investigations that have been occupying all of Washington’s attention.  There is very little talk any longer about Donald Trump colluding with the Russians but there has been a lot of talk about Barack Obama’s manipulating his knowledge of Russia’s hacking activities in order to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign prospects and damage Donald Trumps.  Now that’s some first class Karma for you.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been on the hot seat for suspected misdeeds with the Russians but he has since been replaced by Loretta Lynch who will have to answer for misdeeds that she has clearly committed.  That, my friends, is karma with a bag of chips.  Investigations into a slew of Democratic operatives are picking up steam and the Democratic Party is definitely shaking in their boots. These investigations have real crimes already attached to them as opposed to the phony investigations into Donald Trump where they’re still searching for evidence of any crime at all.

This has been a great week for President Trump.  First, the Supreme Court has given the green light to his constitutional authority to establish travel bans for the security of our country.  This is a monumental victory for the President, silencing the left-wing attacks on his presidential powers to govern.  Second, as I have previously stated, karma has turned on the Democrats and they are scrambling to find ways to defend themselves from damning investigations and are beginning to look like fools every time they hurl accusations at the President.  Thirdly, the Republican Party remains undefeated in special elections across the country which is a major defeat for the Democrats and a major disappointment for the mainstream media who once again mis-predicted the results.  The media was declaring these elections a litmus test on Donald Trump’s legitimacy as our President and to the Democrat’s surprise, he won…again.  And finally, much to the joy of President Trump, CNN was forced to retract a damning story about another Trump associate and basically had to admit that they published “Fake News”…again.  Three reporters were forced to resign as sacrifices in order for CNN to save face.  It is becoming impossible to defend the integrity of the mainstream media and every time Donald Trump tweets the phrase, “Fake News” screams can be heard from the offices of CNN MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and….

Chaos and Anarchy- The political platform of the Democrat Party


What arrows does the Democrat Party have left in their quiver to go to war with the Republicans over the 2018 elections and the 2020 Presidential election?  For eight years they stood on the platform of the glories of a progressive global government under Barack Obama and what did that produce?  An anemic economy, a failed health care takeover, the rise of terrorism and the loss of the 2016 Presidential race to Donald Trump.  The most glorious arrow they had in their quiver failed to transform America and the world into the progressive paradise they dreamed of; so what does that leave them with then?  The far-left, which is quickly becoming the mainstream left, would love nothing more than to fire the arrow of a full-blown Socialist form of government on America.  The power brokers in the Democratic Party will not support that agenda for two reasons.  First, they know the majority of Americans will not be in favor of becoming a Socialist state.  Second, they know that if the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is given control it will mean the end of their hold on power.  So again I ask, what arrows are left in their quiver that they can use to regain control of Washington?

They don’t have a single policy idea to help the economy grow or to create meaningful jobs.  Their love affair with government regulations and overtaxing the job creators along with their love of government handouts only ever leads to a depressed economy.  They have no ideas on how to improve our education sector because they have controlled that sector for decades and have completely destroyed it.   They are clueless on how to help the poor and underprivileged because their policies have been in place for fifty years and the poor are still poor and the underprivileged are still underprivileged.  Are they going to win elections by telling us that genders aren’t real and that the world will come to a fiery end because of man-made global warming?  Those are the only liberal policies that they are still firing and their not producing any meaningful results.  So what does that leave for the Democratic Party for future elections; Chaos and Anarchy!

The liberal left, because they have nothing left to offer, have embraced the doctrine of Chaos and Anarchy.  The obvious goal in dealing with the Trump presidency is to create a constant stream of chaos in order to stop his agenda and to destroy his credibility.  Their campaign slogans for the 2018 and 2020 elections will be, “Vote for us because Trump is incompetent.”  That is literally all they have going for them.  Create as much chaos as possible for Donald Trump and get as many people as they can to dislike him.  That’s not running a campaign on ideas and principles, that’s a jealous teenager trying to destroy another teenager’s reputation because they boy they like likes the other girl.  Another slogan will be, “Restore confidence and competence to the White House.”  None of these slogans will help our economy or create jobs or shrink our national debt.  They won’t help poor black children get a better education.  They have moved so far to the left that they are totally out of touch with even traditional Democrat voters.

Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor investigating allegations of Russian/Trump conspiracies will stretch this investigation through the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency.  I will guarantee you that when the investigation is over; they will find no collusion with the Russians and no obstruction of justice.  They will, however, find some other totally unrelated bit of impropriety connected to the campaign that will be used to tarnish his entire presidency and justify their creation of total chaos; not to mention the expense of hundreds of millions of wasted tax dollars on a bogus witch hunt.

While the mainstream liberal Democrats have embraced the doctrine of total chaos, the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party has embraced the doctrine of political anarchy.  Democrats on cable news networks can be found supporting and justifying the anarchy that can be seen on a daily basis across our country.  After the shooting of Republican Representative Steve Scalise and four others, some mainstream liberal commentators had the audacity to blame Steve Scalise and Donald Trump for the shooting.  This is complete insanity but the mainstream media refuses to call them out on it.  When Kathy Griffin posed while holding a bloody decapitated head of Donald Trump, a select number of Democrats spoke out against her grotesque depiction of the President.  A day later, however, when Ms. Griffin was holding a press conference where she was crying and making herself out to be the victim and the Trump family as the perpetrators, the entirety of the liberal world ran to her defense.  Democrat integrity has a shelf life of less than 24 hours.

The Democratic Party has openly supported the Black Lives Matters movement even as they were calling for the death of police officers.  They openly supported race riots that resulted in cities being destroyed and they openly supported Occupy Wall Street protests that forced business establishments to close down.  Not a single prominent Democrat has spoken out against the protests and riots that have plagued our colleges and universities.

Can anyone name a single policy idea that the Democratic Party has proposed to help heal and benefit our country?  The Democratic Party has no policy ideas that can help America’s future so they are relying upon Chaos and Anarchy to regain political power.





Health Care – The Impossible Dream

Republicans and Conservatives from across the country are vexed that Donald Trump and his Republican majorities cannot seem to pass a health care reform bill.  While I have lambasted the Republican Party on numerous occasions for not being able to rule Washington when they are the majority party, I cannot blame them for the mess they find themselves in in regards to health care reform.  Crafting a health care bill that will provide better care at lower costs is the equivalent of building a perpetual motion machine; it is simply an impossible dream.

The health care problems we are facing today actually began in 1935.  It was then that FDR passed sweeping legislation that included the introduction of our social security system and our welfare system.  While these government programs have certainly helped many people over the years, they ultimately doomed America’s future.  Social security and welfare set America on that path of government dependence that has directly led us to a 20 trillion dollar national debt and no hope of solving our long term financial crisis.  Decades of liberal policies have put capitalism in a death spiral that, by definition, it can never pull itself out of; as a result, affordable health care reform is an impossibility.  More government control via socialism and globalism are our country’s inevitable future due to our addiction and dependence upon government assistance.

The Prophet Bernie Sanders

The popularity and success of socialist Bernie Sanders is a harbinger of things to come.  The shocking success of the Sanders presidential run has pulled the liberal left even further left to an openly socialist agenda.  Bernie Sanders, with his flying white hair, is like the Old Testament prophet Moses promising this new generation that socialism can bring them to the Promise Land; and multitudes are following him.  The Bernie Sanders Promise Land isn’t flowing with milk and honey; instead it flows with the blood of conservatives and capitalists and big government is its God.  Big government is to be worshipped and every command is to be obeyed.  Heretics will be stoned to death.

The “Snowflake” generation that is exercising its power on college campuses all across the country is like the Frankenstein monster of film and literature.  The “Snowflake” generation was created in the laboratory of liberal academia from the body parts of dead anti-capitalists from history.  Parts of Saul Alinsky along with parts of Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin along with other anarchists from the past have been stitched together to form the Frankenstein monster that now is terrorizing college campuses today.  Soon this monster generation will bring their brand of terror to businesses and local governments with the full support of the Democrat Party.  In fact the liberal professors who created this monster generation are gleefully handing all authority to them even as they themselves are getting devoured by their own creation.

As long as we accept that the government belongs in the health care business and the mortgage business and the retirement business and dozens of other businesses that they have no constitutional mandate to be involved in, we are doomed in our future to be the free people our founding fathers envisioned us to be.  Free from oppressive government control and interference.  The simple reality is that it is impossible to provide inexpensive health care for everyone yet that is the mark that the Democrat Party demands. If any politician proposes a plan that lowers costs but provides less coverage they will be demonized.   Anything less than everyone getting everything they need is deemed un-American, un-caring and un-constitutional.  To even challenge this liberal mantra labels you a hater and a racist.  There is simply no way that 30 million uninsured can get insured and people with pre-existing health conditions can be covered and keep costs low at the same time.  Barack Obama tried to do just this and his health care legislation is a financial disaster.  It is simply impossible.  The liberal Democratic Party is demanding that the perpetual motion machine be built and anything less is unacceptable.

The big mistake the Republican Party made was claiming that they could build the impossible machine for seven years while Obama was in office; this was foolish.  It helped them politically at the time to make the Democrats look bad but now they are being forced to come up with their own solution and they can’t.  When the next Democrat gets elected President and has control of congress I can guarantee you that a single-payer government run health care system will be installed. Our constitution guarantees every American life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our founding fathers never guaranteed success, personal security or lifetime benefits yet that is what liberals are trying to do.  They are turning the American Dream into the Impossible Dream which will lead to only one possible outcome; a one-world global government; just as the bible predicted over 2000 years ago.


The truth behind the Paris Climate Agreement


President Donald Trump pulled the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement citing the negative impact it would have on our country.  Predictably, liberals from around the world reacted as if the world was going to ignite into a ball of fire within a matter of weeks. It is important for us to look behind the extremist rhetoric and find out the truth about the Paris Accord.  Fortunately for you I, your humble writer, have done all the investigating and I will lay out the truth for you.

The first thing that should be asked is how did President Trump have the authority to make such a decision without Congressional approval.  The answer is because Barack Obama never sought Congressional approval when he signed our country to the Paris Climate Agreement.  President Obama unilaterally made the decision to bypass Congress and subjugate the United States to an international agreement.  Why wouldn’t he seek binding Congressional approval?  Because if the Agreement ever came under scrutiny the financial truths would be revealed and any hope of bipartisan agreement would disappear quicker than an iceberg in Al Gore’s fantasy future.  The Paris Climate Agreement would cost the United States thousands of well-paying jobs and upwards of a trillion dollars in lost revenue.  In other words it would be an economic disaster for America.

Liberals, who are well known for speaking out of both sides of their mouths, were in full throttle spin mode when President Trump opted out of the Agreement.  On one side of their mouth they were bloviating how the President’s actions would guarantee the end of the world.  Out of the other side of their mouth, when pressed to address the financial costs of the Agreement, they would answer that the Agreement was non-binding and no one was really going abide by it so therefore the financial cost was irrelevant.  You can’t say that pulling out of the Agreement was going to cause the end of the world and also say that no one was really expected to abide by the Agreement at the same time!  That is nothing more than liberal double talk.

The fact of the matter is that if everyone who signed the Paris Agreement was to abide by the letter of the law; its effect would be so minimal on the climate that it would be considered statistically negligible.  But if the Paris Climate Agreement wasn’t going to save the planet, then why are liberals going crazy over President Trump’s withdrawal? That is the question that I will answer.

It is hard for non-liberals to understand how important symbolism is to liberals.  Symbolism is how liberals express their faith in their religion of Liberalism; it is sacred to them. The signing of the Paris Climate Agreement was “Symbolic” of the world coming together to fight climate change.  To Liberals symbolism is more important than substance or results.  Do you remember Michelle Obama’s tweeting of #BringBackOurGirls after more than 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists?  Liberals went crazy in their praise of the First Lady for her courage and leadership in her post.  Did her post produce any results?  Of course not, but its symbolism was more important than her husband, the President, actually sending in troops to help find the girls.  For over fifty years the liberal left has been giving symbolic speeches about helping the poor but their policies haven’t produced any results.  None of that matters because symbolism makes them feel good about themselves.  The Paris Climate Agreement was never going to produce any actual results but it was symbolic of the true hidden meaning of the Climate Agreement; globalization.

Globalization is a word that you will be hearing a lot more of in the future.  Donald Trump is hated by the left because of his anti-globalization policies.  Mark Zuckerberg chastised President Trump for his nationalist anti-globalist decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement.  You see it’s not about the climate, it’s really about the formation of a one-world political and economic system.  Liberals had the audacity to criticize the President of the United States for believing his main concern should be the betterment of the United States; how completely absurd.  If you haven’t noticed, the liberal press continues to label President Trump’s pro-American patriotism as “Nationalism.”  The reason why Liberals are attempting to label President Trump with this term is because they can connect it with Nazi Germany and their quest for world domination, thereby making Donald Trump the next Adolph Hitler.  I have heard multiple liberal commentators describe how the Paris Agreement brought 190 world nations together which would usher in a new global world order.  Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Climate Agreement along with England’s Brexit movement are two stinging defeats for the liberal dream of globalization.

Another hidden agenda in the Paris Agreement that is a major part of the globalization movement is wealth redistribution.  Barack Obama unilaterally agreed to give $100 billion to developing nations in the name of climate saving green energy.  Ironically billions of American dollars are slated to go to China who is the greatest polluter in the world and who we happen to owe trillions of dollars to.    This happens to be another great example of liberal symbolism over actual results.  Over the past several decades the United States along with other western nations have given hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to third-world countries and what have been the results?  They are still third-world countries that are awash in poverty.  Taking money from the rich and handing it to the poor works great in Robin Hood movies but not in reality.  Liberal elites feel that it is within their providence to spend other people’s money; after first securing their own personal fortune.

So let’s sum up what the Paris Climate Agreement is really all about:

*It really does nothing for the climate, it is all symbolism

*It is a stepping stone towards the ultimate aim of globalization

*It is an excuse to force the redistribution of wealth

As an aside let me put climate change in perspective:  First, there is absolutely no proof that CO2 is responsible for global warming or climate change (This is hard to believe with all we have heard but it is true).  The danger of CO2 is mere speculation by climatologists that has become factual merely by repetition.  Kind of like the theory of evolution has become the fact of evolution even though there is absolutely no proof of evolution or how evolution works.  Second, history is replete with periods of climate change.  In 1922 a major newspaper printed an article describing warming waters, melting icebergs and the imminent danger of coastal flooding…1922!  Why do scientists and reporters continue to ignore the history of climate change?  Because there is money to be made by promoting climate hysteria. Thirdly, the oft repeated mantra that 97% of scientists believe in man-made climate change is a lie.   That number came from a survey of 77 scientists of which 75 said they believed man played “some role” in climate change.  That survey has now morphed into 97% of all scientists believe that man-made climate change is an imminent threat to the world.  Meanwhile thousands of prominent scientists have claimed they are highly skeptical of the current climate change science yet the mainstream media refuses to interview them.  Fourthly, the impending doom of climate change is based upon two things.  Data that has already been proven to have been altered by radical climatologists in order to fit their agenda and computer models that have already failed in their predictions.  Don’t be fooled by rhetoric and emotionalism; that is the complete opposite of science.  The only hot air that is damaging society is coming from the mouths of liberal extremists.

The Cult of Liberalism

Recently, Leah Remini produced a multi-segment documentary on the cult of Scientology.  This in-depth expose showed the fanatical extents that believers will go to in order to fulfill the doctrines of Scientology which will supposedly lead to a utopian elitist society that will cure the world of all its ills.  Anyone who speaks against this cult will suffer a viscous backlash and any wrong doing by leadership, no matter how egregious, will be religiously denied and covered up.  Sounds evil.  Sounds just like the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

The most powerful cult in the world is the cult of Liberalism!  Its adherents blindly follow their religious doctrines with the fervor of a religious zealot.  The entire history of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, which is the basis for his messiah-like stature, has been proven to be completely fabricated; yet this little fact gets completely ignored and vigorously denied.  David Miscavige, the current head of Scientology, has countless charges of physical and emotional abuse leveled at him by former members and they are regularly dismissed as sour grapes made by disgruntled evil people.  Likewise there is absolutely nothing that the Clinton’s or the Obama’s or the Nancy Pelosi’s of the liberal world can do that will ever cause a liberal cultist to doubt their character.  The Clinton’s are, quite possibly, the most corrupt people to ever live in the White House yet they are treated as royalty and their sins are absolved because they are saints in the cause.   They can receive millions of dollars from big business yet still be touted as anti-big business.  They can create a health care plan that is falling apart but be considered the saviors of health care.  They can lie every time they open their mouths, even be impeached, and still be viewed as icons of the liberal faith.   There is literally nothing they can do that will stick to them because they are worshipped by their cultist liberal followers.  ANY action that seeks to further the liberal cause is deemed to be a righteous act by the true enlightened believers.

How do you explain how liberals can claim to be the great defenders of children but continually go easy on pedophiles and advocate the murder of unborn babies?  How can liberals claim to be science supporters yet deny that a heartbeat in a mother’s womb is a sign of life?    How can liberals claim to be supporters of women’s rights but never say a word in protest against Islamic rule that violates women’s rights all over the world?   The answer is that they are fanatical religious zealots who blindly cling to their liberal religious beliefs.  They don’t let the inconvenience of reality get in the way of their beliefs.

After the recent bombing in Manchester England the liberal elected officials were quick to defend the Muslim community denying that they posed any additional threat compared to any other group.  One official even declared that white people were just as likely to blow up children as anyone else.  This reaction is utter madness!  It is blindly holding onto a religious liberal belief that Islam is a religion of peace.  The cult of Liberalism has nearly destroyed Germany.  German culture is on the edge of extinction yet the liberals in charge insist that more Muslim refugees are what is needed.  In Sweden elected liberal officials vehemently deny that there is any problem with Muslim immigrants when everyone knows that answer is patently false.  Police stations have moved out of Muslim areas out of fear for the lives of the officers, women are being raped by young Muslim men yet the liberals continue to close their eyes to reality.  It is a true statement that liberal zealots would rather see terrorist bombings than to be considered racist by the new liberal definition.

Katy Perry recently said in response to the Manchester bombing that the answer that will solve the terror problem around the world is open borders and everyone simply loving one another.  She then hopped on her unicorn, rode off on a rainbow while covering the world with sprinkles of stardust.  There is not a single ounce of reality in her world view but she, like other religious liberals, continues to hold onto the utopian dream.  Like Scientology, liberals believe that their beliefs will one day lead to a world without hatred or discrimination and have no need of guns or weapons.  Like Scientologists, they also believe they will be a part of the elite class that will oversee their utopian dream come true.  Unfortunately, like Scientologists, they are living in a world devoid of reality.

Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and countless other liberals in Washington and in the press are desperately clinging to an alternate reality of their own creation.  Donald Trump won the election because he colluded with the Russians is another manifestation of creating and living in their own reality.  After four separate intelligence investigations there hasn’t been a single shred of evidence that this conspiracy is real.  Maxine Waters, however, continues to lead the liberal worship chorus of, “Impeach Trump,” even though there is nothing even remotely close to an impeachable offense.  Liberals refuse to see the obvious reasons they lost and Donald Trump won; the country is tired of being pushed towards a European socialist system.  The country is tired of political correctness.  The country is tired of Hillary Clinton.

The only places that liberalism has ever worked are in a college classroom or in a Democrat dinner party.  Liberal progressivism is nothing more than a rebranding of Socialism/Communism.  The ironic thing is that these forms of government which all claim to be, “For the people,” do not allow any other opinions to co-exist.  Liberal/Progressives and Socialist/Communists continually seek to suppress any form of free speech that doesn’t comply with their religious beliefs.  Just look at what is taking place on our college campuses.  Any non-liberal who attempts to speak is violently shut down with threats and riots.  Even liberals who are not liberal enough are being shut down on college campus and demands are being made that they resign from their teaching positions.  To the real world this is madness; to the liberal world, however, this is the glorious expression of their religious beliefs.

For the short term, extreme Islamists are the world’s biggest problem.  Over the long haul, however, the cult of Liberalism is what we should all fear.  Hide your Bible, hide your flag and hide your gun.  One day they will all be taken away from you along with your freedom of speech.  The advent of hate speech and hate crime laws will be the avenue by which our conservative values will be taken away; wait and see, it’s already happening.