The unspoken crisis in education


I want to relate a conversation that I recently had with someone I know very well.  This person is a well-respected high school teacher; the kind of teacher that all the kids like and this teacher genuinely cares for the well-being of her students.  The conversation went something like this:

Teacher: “I hate my job.”

Me: “Really, what’s wrong?”

Teacher: “I hate my job; every teacher that I know hates their job.”

Me: “What happened that you hate your job?  You used to love your job.”

Teacher: “I don’t get to teach the students anymore.”

Me: “What do you do all day with the kids?”

Teacher: “We spend every day preparing kids for state testing and to make sure we meet all state requirements.  It doesn’t matter at all if the kids actually learn the subject matter; all that matters is how well they do with their test scores.  Teachers are graded on how well their classes do on testing, nothing else matters.”

Me: “Do you get to meet with students to help them throughout the day or after school?”

Teacher: (laugh) “You must be joking.  We spend every free moment filling out reports for the administration.  We have to fill out a *CCP Report, a DNL Report, a SLST Report along with several other reports.  It’s nothing but paperwork and a complete waste of time.  After school we have constant meetings with administration; there is absolutely no time to spend with children and all these reports and meetings are a complete waste of time.”

Me: “Can’t the teachers speak up and demand that the system be changed?”

Teacher: (laugh) “Speak up to whom?  The administrators want to keep their jobs and their jobs will be in jeopardy if they buck the system.  Teachers want to keep their jobs because they all know there are thousands of unemployed teachers waiting in the wings to take their job.  All that matters is supporting the system, the same system that is destroying the teaching profession.”

Am I the only persona alarmed by this conversation?  I can assure you that this isn’t an isolated teacher complaining or an isolated school district that has lost its way. These cries have been echoing from dismayed teachers across our country for years but no one seems to be listening.  Experienced teachers have been retiring en mass over the past few years and all have given the exact same reason for their early retirement; “I don’t get to teach anymore.  It’s all about meeting artificial standards that have no practical application. Our children are suffering but nobody cares.”

Over the past decade our education system has been hijacked by liberal theorists (thank you President Obama) who spend all their time talking with other liberal theorists but in actuality couldn’t teach a chicken how to lay an egg.  Anyone who has been teaching for a few years and has even the tiniest amount of commons sense sees that the changes that have been forced upon our national education system are….STUPID!  It doesn’t take a genius to know that teaching our children that it takes 32 separate steps to multiply two numbers is…STUPID!  When two parents with college educations cannot help their third grade child with math homework because they have absolutely no idea what the teacher is looking for, that’s a sure sign that there is something…STUPID going on.  When teachers who have taught for ten and twenty years are saying that the system is preventing them from teaching their students, then that must mean that something….well you get the point.

The longer we continue down this rabbit hole of STUPID education policies then the harder it will be to reverse the course and restore sanity to our schools.  Our teachers need help because they are afraid to speak out and when they do no one is listening and our children are ultimately paying the price.


*I couldn’t remember the real abbreviations for the reports so I made these up for context.




Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton – Two peas in the same pod


Back in the days when Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas his use of State Police to escort women for secret trysts was legendary.  This behavior was not only unethical it was also illegal; but even way back then the Clinton’s were operating under a different set of rules than everyone else. As long as it was deemed to be consensual everyone turned a blind eye and it was business as usual.  But it wasn’t always consensual. Bill Clinton as Governor of Arkansas and also as President of the United States was accused of rape and sexual harassment on numerous occasions.  But the Clinton machine, however, would quickly be put into action to crush and destroy and ultimately silence any accuser.  And who was in charge of the crush and destroy team, the team designed to humiliated and intimidate any woman who would bring accusation against Bill Clinton; why none other than Miss Hillary herself.

The same Hillary Clinton who would publicly campaign on the platform of protecting women who were abused was herself the chief abuser of woman who were violated by her husband.  This was well known by everyone in the media but the same hypocritical liberals who protected Harvey Weinstein the abuser were also protecting Bill Clinton the abuser.  Where was the media rushing to the defense of all the women who made claims of abuse by Bill Clinton?  Where was the media to call out Hillary’s hypocrisy when at the exact same time she spoke of defending women who were victimized she was victimizing women who were victimized?  Where is the media right now at this very moment when Harvey Weinstein skulks around like a pariah yet Bill and Hillary walk around like liberal royalty?

Bill Clinton is known to have travelled on Jeffrey Epstein’s, the billionaire pedophile, sex plane, the “Lolita Express” twenty plus times.  The plane is known to be equipped with beds for group sex with young and often underage girls.  Can anyone rationally explain to me how this isn’t headline news?  Can anyone explain why no one in the media wants to explore why the Clinton’s are connected to so many known pedophiles and sex offenders?  How is it possible that Bill and Hillary came within a hair’s breadth of living in the Whitehouse while Harvey Weinstein is a hair’s breadth of spending time in the big house?  Instead of being two peas in the same pod they should be two inmates sharing the same cell.

Liberals in Hollywood and in the media are falling all over themselves to denounce Harvey Weinstein in order to show how serious they are about protecting women’s rights and standing up for women who were sexually victimized.  Harvey Weinstein is in reality nothing more than a sacrificial lamb being offered up on the altar of liberal guilt.  “Sorry Harvey, someone had to take the fall to protect the rest and it happened to fall on you.  Don’t worry, we’ll send cards and be sure to visit.”  There are countless other well-known sexual predators and pedophiles who are living a life of luxury in Hollywood and in Washington who are still being protected by the so-called protectors of women’s rights.

Many people are asking why didn’t these women come forward to expose Harvey Weinstein sooner?  Maybe because they saw what happened to the woman who came forward to expose Bill Clinton?  They were destroyed by Hillary Clinton, they were mocked on SNL and other comedy shows and they weren’t taken serious by the mainstream media.  Don’t be fooled, the liberal cover-up of sexual predators continues unabated in our society.  As long as Bill and Hillary are liberal heroes their rhetoric against sexual predators is nothing more than hot air.

Do I need to mention how Donald Trump was crucified by the same media for an eleven year old tape where he talked about a desire to touch women in an inappropriate manner?  Could you imagine what would happen if women started coming out of the woodwork and accused our current President of rape?  The hypocrisy of our mainstream media is beyond the pale.



The “Other” swamp


Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric where he promised to drain the swamp that is Washington D.C. has stirred up a national awareness of political corruption in our country.  For decades the average American voted the party line like a brain dead zombie pulling levers to elect and empower politicians who are void of morals and conscience.  America has stood by for far too long while Washington has turned from the seat of law and order to the center for corruption and personal aggrandizement.  One can only hope that the current “Russian Scandal,” reveals the depth of Washington’s depravity and as a result sounds the alarm in the electorate and causes them to demand more accountability from our elected law makers.  There is, however, another swamp, the “Other” swamp, that I fear will be far harder to drain that has assumed more power than our “Founding Fathers” ever granted them in our constitution.  I am of course referring to the judicial branch of our government.

The wisdom of our Fathers when piecing together our government cannot be understated.  The constitution was and is a remarkable piece of legislation that was central in forming our government and ultimately in transforming the free world.  The brilliance in forming three distinct branches of government, each with equal power and each with checks and balances has been a model for almost 250 years for the rest of the world.  Unfortunately a shift in the balance of power has taken place over the past few decades and the Judicial Branch has become the all-powerful final authority when it comes to enacting legislation and interpreting the constitution.  Judges across our nation have virtually no accountability and they are, at least on the highest levels, given lifetime appointments.

The appointment of judgeships has become the single greatest act that any sitting President can engage in.  His or her decision can shape the direction of our country far after he or she leaves office.  One would naively think that the political affiliation of the appointed judge should play only a minor role in the judicial process because decisions are based upon the constitution and laws passed by Congress; but sadly this is not the case.  More and more legal decisions are based upon the empathy and personal convictions of the sitting judge.  Allow me to cite a recent example.  Only days ago a federal appellate court ruled that an underage teenage girl who was an illegal alien had a constitutional right to an abortion.  One of the ruling judges stated that her decision to grant the abortion right was based upon the hardship the girl would be forced to endure if she would not be granted the abortion.  According to the judge the girl only had two options: 1- be forced to go back to her home country where abortions were not easily accessible or: 2- be forced to give birth and raise the child.  The judge’s decision was not based on any legal precedent whatsoever; it was based solely on her liberal view of abortion and her empathy for the girl.  Somehow the judge completely ignored a viable third option for the girl which would be to give up the child for adoption.  The option was obviously not considered because it didn’t support the liberal outcome that the judge desired.  Federal judges have far too much power and far too little accountability.  Court decisions are based far too much on personal opinion and far too little in actual law.

The President of the United States has the constitutional power to decide the immigration policies of our country; he gets to decide who gets to come in and who gets to stay.  How then does a liberal federal judge in Hawaii have the authority to stop the President’s constitutionally granted executive order and have power over the entire country?  It’s called abuse of power.  The Judicial Branch of government has become a swamp of partisan political appointments that are using unconstitutional power to run our country.  At least there’s a chance that unfit politicians in Washington may be voted out of office but federal judges have no such fear for their jobs.

Our Founding Fathers provided judicial oversight authority to the Congress and gave them the power to impeach and remove from office an unfit judge.  When was the last time a federal judge was removed from office by an act of Congress for failure to follow the law?  15 federal judges have been impeached in our nation’s history and 8 of them have been removed from office while several others resigned before they were removed.  I couldn’t find one case where a justice was removed for failure to properly apply the law when making their rulings.  Judicial oversight boards focus almost exclusively on complaints of conduct made against a judge.  In other words, there is absolutely no oversight of the Judicial Branch of our government.

The Democratic Party has regularly relied upon liberal federal judges to do their bidding in the federal courts when they have failed in the halls of Congress.  Judges legislating from the bench have become common place in recent time.  As a result Democrats will NEVER seek to hold a judge accountable as long as they are helping to promote their liberal agenda.  Liberal judges have discovered constitutional rights that were apparently written with invisible ink by Thomas Jefferson.  There is no right to an abortion found in our constitution.  There is no right health care found in our constitution.  There is no right that states that tax dollars must be spent on inmates who want a sex change operation.  There is no right that states the government must pay for soldiers who want sex change operations.  There is no constitutional right that a person is entitled to taxpayer funded birth control.

Every one of these “Rights” has been discovered by liberal judges in our constitution along with countless others that have no foundation of legal precedent to stand upon.  The rulings of the liberal 9th Circuit Court of appeals is overturned an astounding 79% of the time their decision make it before the Supreme Court.  What is even more astounding is that the 9th Circuit Court comes in third on the list of most overturned by the Supreme Court.  The 6th Circuit Court is overturned a whopping 87% of the time while the 11th is overturned 85% of the time.  This means that Federal courts make unconstitutional rulings a lot.  These stats don’t even include the 3rd Circuit Court which is overturned at a rate of 78% and the 2nd Circuit Court that is overturned at a rate of 68%.  These are staggering numbers that never get national attention.  How is it possible that federal judges get overturned so often and it’s not a national scandal? Now some may say that the fact that so many decisions are being overturned by the Supreme Court is a sign that the system of checks and balances within the judicial system is working but that is only partially true.  The reality is that only a tiny percentage of cases ever get reviewed by the Supreme Court which means that the overwhelming majority of decisions made by these liberal judges stand forever.  Also, the cases that do reach the Supreme Court often take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get there.  99% of liberal, unconstitutional court decisions stand in our country every year.

The swamp that is our judicial branch needs to be drained in our country, the only problem is that I can’t seem to find a drain.


Living in the land of bubbles

In the bible the book of James tells us, “Be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to anger.”  The reality of the world we are currently living in, however, is more like, “Speak loudly, never listen and instantly be angry.”  Is it any wonder that the further we get away from biblical truths the more chaotic society becomes?  Why has civil discourse become so uncivil?  How has the elimination of free speech come to represent an expression of free speech?  Why has listening to an opposing view become a traitorous act to those with whom we share our current views?  Thoughts, reactions and judgments are confined to and under the strict control of whatever bubble we are living in.  We have become a society of bubbles.

When I was young being called a bubblehead was not considered a compliment.  Today, however, the term bubblehead accurately describes the vast majority of people who live under the control of group-think where any deviation from the collective is seen as betrayal and will not be tolerated.  The free exchange of ideas is strongly discouraged and opposing ideas must be eliminated.  “Group-think” has replaced individual expression which has fostered a society where brutish tribalism is the rule of the land.

Ken Stern, the former CEO of National Public Radio, decided to leave his liberal elite bubble and venture into the land of Conservatives and Republicans to find out what life is really like on the other side.  The details of his one year journey can be found in his book, “Republican Like Me,” where he details his eye opening experience.  During his interview on FOX News, Stern related how his close friends and even his wife denounced his attempt to understand the thoughts of the opposition and to try and find some common ground.  To his astonishment he discovered that Conservatives were nothing at all like the liberal stereotypes that he had grown up espousing.  Perhaps the most astonishing result of his one year journey was that his views on “Gun control” had totally flip-flopped.  He heard real life stories of people who were saved as a result of gun ownership and examined actual evidence on the subject and realized that his previous beliefs were founded on nothing more than liberal propaganda and not truth.

One reason why race relations in America are deteriorating so quickly is that everyone who has an opinion on the subject has firmly entrenched themselves in a like-minded bubble where there is no room for another perspective.  The liberal black bubble wants to denounce any white person as racist and the white bubble wants to deny that there are some legitimate grievances within the black community.  No one who lives in a bubble is willing to even consider that there might be some truths that are not welcome in their bubble.  Group-think is powerful. Group-think is destructive.  Group-think is cowardly.

Another problem with the bubblehead mentality that so permeates our society is that issues often get whittled down to bumper sticker phrases.  Unfortunately many issues are far more complex than a single talking point but bubble group-think dumbs down issues so much that no individual thought is required.  How ironic is it that many of the very people who decry the evils of segregation in our country’s past have embraced and promote the segregation of thoughts.  Our country exploded in greatness when the ethnic bubbles that dominated our cities burst and the best of different cultures was shared by everyone.  Open your hearts and open your minds, you may just find that there is more truth out there than you ever imagined.  Or is it possible that you are afraid at what you might find?


Congressional Investigations

Is there anything more useless in Washington than a Congressional investigation?  There have been approximately a dozen separate investigations launched by various committees on Capitol Hill to determine whether or not the Trump administration colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.  Each investigation spends millions of our tax dollars and to date what has all the time, effort and money produced for the American people…bupkis; Nada, nothing, zilch, zero, a big goose egg.

How many people can even remember that there is still an ongoing investigation into the Fast and the Furious gun running debacle which led to the death of an American agent?  How is it possible that after seven years no one knows who gave the green light for the program and who was responsible for its oversight?  Maybe it was the Russians.  How is it possible that Lois Lerner, who was responsible for the IRS scandal, could retire from her position with full benefits even though she illegally targeted conservative groups and destroyed evidence in the middle of a congressional investigation?  She showed everyone in Washington that all you have to do is destroy incriminating evidence and then plead the 5th and no one can touch you as long as the Attorney General has got your back.

Speaking of Attorney Generals, Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena to turn over pertinent documents in the Fast and Furious investigation.  What were the consequences for such an act of defiance to cover up and impede a congressional investigation?  Bupkis, nada, nothing, zilch, zero, a big goose egg.  Congressional investigations have absolutely no power to prosecute or punish anyone who defies their directives; they only have the power to investigate.  I heard Trey Goudy (who I like very much) the other night on Fox News threaten to issue subpoenas if government agencies didn’t comply with his committees requests for information.  BIG DEAL!  But what if someone refuses to comply with the subpoena?  Then they are held in contempt of Congress which, as Eric Holder proved, means absolutely nothing; a parking ticket is more threatening.

One of the great ironies in exposing criminal behavior in Washington is that every time new information comes out about one of the congressional investigations, the news wasn’t discovered by the investigating committee.  It is almost always discovered by private citizens.  Judicial Watch, a private citizen government watch group, unearths more hidden information by taking various government agencies to court and forcing them to turn over documents than any congressional committee.  It is conservative reporters who are responsible for piecing together the information that is currently bringing to light a scandal involving the Clintons and Russian extortionists gaining control of a portion of America’s uranium deposits.  How is it possible that the Clinton Foundation could receive 150 million dollars from the same Russian mobsters and then get approved by Hillary Clinton’s office to purchase the uranium deposits and no one in the government sounded an alarm???  Was it mere coincidence that Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a one hour speech from the same group of Russians during the same time period?  It is almost impossible to believe that even though the F.B.I. was aware of dozens of crimes including blackmail and extortion committed by the same Russians who purchased the uranium rights from America not a single person in the government put a stop to it.  The swamp is alive and well in Washington.

Can someone tell me what exactly Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing in Washington?  He is the one with the authority to bring people to justice and make them accountable for their abuses of power.  Where is the new investigation into Hillary Clinton and the myriad of crimes she committed that were covered up by Jim Comey and Barack Obama?  Where is the criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation?  Why is the F.B.I. still stonewalling investigations by first lying about possessing certain documents and then refusing to release the documents after it is discovered that they were lying?  Why when government agencies are required by law to release certain documents and they refuse to do so no one is held accountable?

Congressional investigations are nothing more than dog and pony shows designed to show the public that our elected officials are doing their job.  The problem is that they are an extreme waste of tax payer dollars and they are ultimately useless because the entire system is corrupt and is designed to shield our elected officials from accountability.  The government investigating the government is like a businessman auditing his own tax return.  BTW, am I the only one who finds it strange that Bill and Hillary Clinton continue to bash President Trump at every opportunity and yet he refuses to reopen the Hillary e-mail investigation despite promising to do so dozens of times while on the campaign trail?  Trust no one in Washington.  Politicians live by a different set of rules than the rest of America and that is as un-American as it gets.

Killing Columbus

Report from the New York Times: The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus lies in an undisclosed hospital in critical condition.  Mr. Columbus’ reputation has suffered great damage from a mob of angry liberals who have been roaming the streets of history looking to ambush anyone who may be held responsible for the founding and building of America.  In a relatively short period of time Mr. Columbus’ condition has deteriorated from heroic and inspiring to murderous and loathsome.  He stands accused of the crime of genocide and is believed to be the first person to successfully engage in germ warfare despite the fact that no one even knew what a germ was in 1492.

In a totally unrelated story Joseph Stalin, the founder of the Communist Party and the man directly responsible for the deaths of over 70 million innocent people, has been elevated to the position of sainthood by the same mob of liberals.


Mobs of angry liberals are roaming the streets of America and the streets of history like packs of wild dogs foaming at the mouth looking to devour anyone who fails to meet the modern day standard of liberal doctrine.  Faithful readers will remember that only a year ago I predicted that the American flag will one day be removed from the public consciousness because it will be viewed as a symbol of hatred and discrimination; we see that happening before our very eyes today.  I will now make another even more absurd prediction that I believe will come to pass in my lifetime.  A movement will be made by the mad dogs on the left to change the name of America as a symbolic gesture of apology to the world for our evil capitalistic influence over the rest of the world.  Don’t laugh or roll your eyes; it’s coming.

One of the many problems with liberals is their penchant to view history without historical perspective.  The world we live in today is vastly different from the world that was.  For thousands of years nations around the world lived according to one motto, “Conquer or be conquered.” The evil Europeans who conquered America were merely doing what had been done for millennia; it was the way of the world.  It was how you survived and how you prospered. To somehow isolate Christopher Columbus and other European settlers from the rest of history is historically irresponsible and completely unfair.  To call Columbus a bio-terrorist because he and his crew are supposedly responsible for bringing European diseases that supposedly slaughtered 20 million (a totally made up number) Native Americans is preposterous.  No one talks about the gift of syphilis that Native Americans gave Europeans along with many forms of cancer as a result of our introduction to tobacco products. How many Europeans have been killed by Native Americans over the centuries as a result? No one should be held accountable for unforeseen tragic events.  BTW I find it quite ironic that liberal iconic Governor Jerry Brown of California recently signed a bill to decriminalize the known spreading of the HIV virus in his state.  Doesn’t that make him worse than Christopher Columbus?  Why aren’t the angry mobs protesting in California?

There is no doubt that many atrocities were carried out on Native Americans by European settlers but can we take off the rose colored glasses when it comes to looking back at Native Americans.  Liberals today love to romanticize about the American Indian.  They are almost always portrayed as highly spiritual and peaceful beings who are one with the earth and all its goodness.  When European settlers came to America they were greeted with open arms of friendship and it was we who stabbed them in the back and mistreated them.  This view of the American Indian works well when you’re smoking a peace pipe but it almost completely devoid of historical accuracy.

While I am sure there were many Native Americas who desired to live their lives in peace I am also sure that the exact same thing could be said of white Europeans who came to America.  The reality, however, is that Native Americans lived under the same motto of, “Conquer or be conquered.”  No one has a clue who originally settled in America; it is impossible to know.  What we do know, however, is that for thousands of years Native American tribes were fighting with other Native American tribes in a struggle to thrive and survive. Land and hunting grounds were taken and then taken again by other tribes.  Females from other tribes were kidnapped and raped on a regular basis.  Children were often slaughtered to prevent competing tribes from expanding and growing stronger.  Indian tribes enslaved women from conquered tribes and forced them to travel with them away from their homes and families.  Early European settlements were often attacked by Indian tribes and often slaughtered.  This was everyday life 200 years ago.

I’m not attempting to paint Native Americans as evil savages.  I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal left who only seeks to hold white Europeans accountable for crimes against humanity while giving Native Americans and other favorites a free pass.  It’s no different than when liberals condemn America for slavery and ignore the long history (which still goes on today) of black Africans enslaving other black Africans.  Are white Europeans more evil simply because they were ultimately more successful at playing the game of conquer or be conquered?

Innocent people have been slaughtered on every continent across the globe throughout history.  Strong nations have conquered weaker nations and those weaker nations have conquered other even weaker nations throughout history.  I repeat: It is irresponsible to judge the past by the standards of today.

Ironic twist of the day:  Most liberals are atheists.  All atheists believe in evolution.  A main tenet of evolution is survival of the fittest.  Survival of the fittest means the strong conquer the weak.  If evolution is true as liberal atheists insist, then that means that the white Europeans who conquered the Native Americans were merely following the process of evolution.  If we then are controlled by the forces of evolution as science currently teaches us, then why are white Europeans being held as criminals by liberals for merely following their evolutionary programming?

My White Privilege


I live in a nice house in a middleclass suburban town.  I drive a nice car.  I have a white collar job.  I’m married to a beautiful wife and I have two wonderful children.  I am the poster child for white privilege.

I grew up in a small house in the small suburban town of Nutley New Jersey.  Neither one of my parents went to college.  My mother was abandoned in the hospital when she was born and grew up in orphanages and a cruel foster family.  Her foster family made her quit school at 16 so she could go to work.  My father grew up without a father and never had a strong family support system in his life.

My mother cleaned houses until she was 70 years old.  The reason she stopped cleaning houses was because she had both her knees replaced and insisted on going back to work but my sister forced her to stop working.  My father waxed floors and cleaned offices for a living; I don’t think he ever earned more than $15,000 dollars in a single year.  I grew up driving in a 63’ Checker station wagon that had over 150,000 miles on it, holes in the floor and the back door was held shut by a chain (literally).  We never owned a new or even moderately new car.  After the age of 12 I never went on a family vacation because we couldn’t afford it.  We were poor but I didn’t know it because everyone else in the neighborhood grew up under similar conditions.  I don’t think my parent possessed a credit card when I was young; if you couldn’t afford it, you couldn’t have it (sounds crazy doesn’t it?).

I went to work with my father every Tuesday and Friday night for as long as I can remember.  I cleaned more bathrooms, vacuumed more rugs and swept more floors than the average maid in a hotel.  My wages for this child labor was the privilege of eating dinner and having electricity in my house.  My first paying job was to deliver advertisement flyers to homes throughout my neighborhood.  I was paid $5.00…every other week!  At the age of 15 I worked at a bakery in town.  I left my house at 4:30 in the morning to walk over a mile to the bakery every Saturday and Sunday.  I worked in sweltering conditions for the staggering wage of…$2.00 per hour.  I was still working for my father two nights a week.

I played organized sports as a child like most other kids in my neighborhood.  When I had to go to practice I either rode my bike or walked.  When I had to go to a game I either rode my bike or I walked.  I don’t ever remember seeing my parents at one of my games; they were working.  Amazingly I didn’t feel neglected nor did I need to see a therapist.

My father began to show signs of early onset Alzheimer’s disease when I was about 12 years old.  By the time I was 16 he was barely able to drive a car.  When I was 19 I had to quit my pursuit of an engineering degree to go to work because my father was completely disabled and my mother needed help.  Throughout my early twenties whenever my father needed to go see a doctor I would have to carry my 6’2” father through the entire length of my house, down two flights of steps and put him into a van.  On the return trip it was only harder going up the stairs.

I was hassled by the police on more than one occasion simply for being guilty of the crime of being a teenager.  My friends and I were pulled over in our car and our car was searched for a gun.  Another time my friend and I were pulled into a police car for the crime of walking to work at 4:30 in the morning.  In my town the police believed that any group of teenagers were up to no good; it didn’t matter the color.  99% of the time the police were right.

My first car cost me $500 and I proudly bought it myself.  It had more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese but it was mine.  My second car was only somewhat nicer but it was an upgrade and I also bought it myself.  When it came to going to college there was never any question who was going to pay for the expense. I have worked hard since I was a child to earn everything that I have and I feel absolutely no remorse or sense of guilt for the blessings that I have.

So where does my “Privilege” come into play in my life?  I was privileged that my parents moved our family from a declining city neighborhood into a safer environment that offered more opportunities for children.  My parents moved from Newark to Nutley without a penny in their pockets and with zero support from the parents they never knew.  I’m privileged that my parents chose to work like dogs doing demeaning jobs in order so support their children and offer them a better life and along the way they taught me the importance of a strong work ethic.

I’m privileged that my parents spanked me and disciplined me when I needed it.  Without discipline in my life I fear to think where I would be right now.  I’m privileged that my parents were a part of my life and the lives of my siblings while we were growing up.  We ate dinner every night together (it was not optional).  We went to church together (it was not optional).  We were expected to behave and get good grades in school (it was not optional).  I’m privileged that my parents loved me and there was never a single time in my life that I questioned that.  I’m privileged that I came home to a clean house every day.  I’m privileged that both my parents committed themselves to their marriage vows and the future of their children though they endured many hardships.

I never knew these things that I listed gave me a life of privilege until I was older and realized that millions of children grew up with none of these things.  There is absolutely no doubt that these “Privileges” made me the person I am today.  There is also absolutely no doubt that the color of my parents skin had anything to do with it.

A disregard for the truth


What happens to a society that loses all regard for the truth?  The bible famously says that the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).  Truth is the light that exposes corruption and all sorts of illicit behavior that is detrimental to a free society; it is the truth that makes you free.  We are only a free society if we are walking in truth.  The light of truth causes a dividing line where people choose to either walk in the light of honesty and integrity or live in the shadow of immorality.  When the light of truth is embraced by a society that dividing line is as clearly distinguishable as light is from dark.  When a society disregards the truth the dividing line between right and wrong gets blurred and soon shadows cover the land.  Children grow up not knowing right from wrong and soon society begins to decay.  The recent eclipse that caused a shadow to cut across the whole of the United States may have been more prophetic of our country’s moral condition than anyone thought.

Truth is truth.  It plays no favorites.  It has no political agenda.  It is not affected in the least by political correctness.  Truth is not moved by emotions, it doesn’t care if it makes you happy or angry.  The truth isn’t interested in the perception of fairness, the cries of social injustice or someone’s social standing; the truth is simply the truth.  The truth doesn’t care who it smacks in the face whether it be poor man, politician or priest.  The truth is the ultimate equalizer in a free society such as ours.  In a court of law a billion dollar company should be found guilty if the truth falls on the side of the mom and pop store that is suing them.  Money cannot buy or own the rights to the truth and neither can a generation of social justice warriors who don’t happen to like certain truths.

God created them both male and female.  This is the truth from God’s word.  A person is either born a male or a female based upon an XX or XY chromosome.  This is the truth of science.  If a man declares that he is a dolphin then he is diagnosed with a mental disorder.  However, if a man declares that he is a woman he is now told that he is a woman and that he can change his mind as often as he wants to.  There is absolutely no biblical or scientific truth behind this.  The discovery of a new truth always supports the validity of the previous truth. Truth always confirms truth, it never contradicts it.  If the truth of the biological sciences has to be denied in order to give birth to the new truth of gender fluidity then the new truth that has been birthed is an abomination.  The truth shall make you free.  The disregard for truth shall put you in bondage.

Nowhere is the disregard for truth more prevalent than in the political atmosphere that is dividing our country.  If people have to lie or distort the truth in order to win their political argument then that means their position is a losing position.  Why does Planned Parenthood have to lie and say that they are not selling the body parts of aborted fetuses when they clearly are?  Why do Democratic run states continue to deny any voter fraud but then refuse to cooperate in any voter fraud investigation?  The answer to both these questions is simple; if the truth were ever to be revealed it would clearly show that they were operating in the shadows of deceit and darkness.  When the truth is your enemy isn’t that a sign that you’re playing on the wrong team?

Why do democrats continually promote preposterous lies about President Trump when attempting to promote their political agenda?  It is a sign that their positions are so weak that they need to lie because the truth would actually hurt their cause.  The liberal left continually compares President Trump to Adolph Hitler.  This comparison is so preposterous that it is an insult to common sense and to the hordes of people who suffered real torture under his reign. Hitler slaughtered millions of innocent victims while President Trump’s greatest attack has been a verbal assault against Rosie O’Donnell long before he ran for President.  Anyone who chooses to believe this lie is forced to suspend all rational thought and regard for truth because hatred has so taken hold of them.

President Trump has been vilified for having the audacity to place some blame for the Charlottesville riot on the Anti-fa marchers who opposed the white supremists.  He was absolutely right in his assessment; the problem was that liberals didn’t like that truth.  I have heard numerous times that the President claimed that the white supremist marchers were good people; this is a political lie.  He said that on both sides of the protest there were some good people there who were not there to riot but to represent their political position; this was another truth that he spoke that didn’t fit the liberal narrative.  If Donald Trump is so blatantly evil why the need to distort the facts in order to support that position?  Donald Trump does not hate women, he does not hate immigrants and he does not hate Jews.  These assertions are a disregard for the truth in order to promote a political agenda.  Donald Trump is certainly crude, short tempered and at times childish in his reactions but even a casual examination of the facts demonstrates that he is not the Hitler-like hater that the left makes him out to be.  The danger with truth-less politics is that it keeps a nation in the dark.  We have no idea which political platform to vote for because the party promoting the platform is lying about how wonderful it is and the party in opposition is lying about how dangerous it is.  It used be the press that would sort through the lies and uncover the truth for the average person but the press spins and supports so many of the lies that come from the political left that they simply cannot be trusted any longer.


In the bible the book of Proverbs 11:1 says that a false balance is an abomination to the Lord.  God is referring to the need for truth in business.  Unscrupulous businesspersons would use a rigged balance to cheat a person out of their hard earned money.  This practice was called an abomination in the eyes of God meaning that is was especially abhorrent to him.  Why was this practice especially evil to God?  Because our entire system of trade and commerce is based up truth.  If I pay for one pound of flour I shouldn’t receive three quarters of a pound.  Truth is necessary in the business world but it is also necessary in the world of law and order.  If the wealthy or privileged are given special treatment then chaos will ensue.  If the police are not held responsible for criminal or negligent actions then chaos will ensue.  If politicians continually get away with criminal behavior then chaos will ensue.

A generation is arising that views truth as something that is as fluid as the new definition of gender.  If a truth is inconvenient then simply disregard it.  Personal preference has taken top priority over truth and morality in our current society.  A diverse society functions when it is guided by an accepted set of truths.  These truths ultimately limit everyone in society.  You cannot have freedoms if you do not have limits; truth provides limits.  A society that attempts to guide itself according to personal preference is a society that will eventually devour itself.   When one group’s personal preference comes into conflict with another group’s personal preference there is only one inevitable outcome; chaos.  Truth needs to be elevated over personal preference in order for a free society to remain free.

Are we living in the last days?


With the recent eclipse and the natural disasters that have been making headlines across the globe, self-proclaimed bible prophecy experts are declaring that we are living in the last days before the soon return of Jesus.  Is this true or are some people just trying to shoehorn their personal beliefs into celestial events that may or may not be of biblical significance?  While the bible does say that there will be signs in the heavens preceding the “Rapture” and the return of Christ, is a solar eclipse and a few hurricanes definitive proof that Jesus is warming up the engine on his favorite chariot and getting ready to return to earth?  The answer is a definite maybe.  The thing about interpreting bible prophecy is that so many people get it wrong before eventually someone, due to the laws of probability, eventually gets it right.  People have  been reading the stars and predicting the end of the world for centuries and have been wrong hundreds of times, but eventually the stars will align and someone will declare the end is here and he or she will be right.   Is today that day?  The answer is a definite maybe.  Are we living in the last days?  The answer is definitely yes but the last hour of the last day can last fifty years according to God’s timetable.  Instead of focusing on what we don’t know for sure, let’s look at what we do know that aligns with the second coming of Christ.

Signs of the end times

Israel becoming a nation in 1948 is the beginning of the countdown of the last days and the return of Christ.  The fact that 2018 will mark the 70th anniversary of Israel’s born-again status as a nation could be of great significance.  70 years marks a completed generation for a nation.  Israel spent 70 years in bondage to Babylon before their deliverance came to them.  Will 2018 be the year that God delivers Israel from persecution of the Arab nations that surround them?  That’s a definite maybe but the re-formation of Israel as a nation is definitely a sure sign of the end of days.

The book of Revelation speaks about the anti-christ ruling over a one-world government during the seven year tribulation period.  We are nowhere near a one-world government but we are certainly heading in that direction at an alarming pace.  All it will take is a world catastrophe such as a war or an economic collapse to push the liberal-socialist leaders around the world into an agreement to save the world through a United Nation style government.  Billionaires like George Soros and world leaders are already pushing strongly to bring this about; it will happen, the only question is when.

The book of Revelation also speaks of a one-world religion ruled by one person who stands alongside the anti-christ during the seven year tribulation period.  Though we are nowhere near this, liberal religious and political leaders are strongly pushing for a unified religious ecumenical movement that will end wars and bring peace to the world.  Liberal socialists see religion as the greatest impediment to world peace and there is no doubt that the one-world government will demand a one-world religion in the name of peace and inclusivity.  It is coming, the only question is when.

The book of Revelation also states that the mark of the beast will be applied to the hand or forehead of anyone who wishes to buy or sell.  This strongly implies two things: first a cashless society and second, a computer type mark or chip that can be applied to humans that has the ability to make and record financial transactions.  Both of these things are coming to pass before our very eyes.  Cash is becoming almost non-existent and companies are already using chip implants on their employees to make it easier for them to enter secure rooms or to make purchases on their company campus. Keep in mind that this was predicted 2000 years ago and it is coming to pass in the very day that we are living in.

Jesus also prophesied that there would be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse place and famines and pestilences along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven.  While we have certainly experienced some terrible natural disasters in recent times I don’t believe that we have yet experienced what Jesus was talking about.  I personally believe that great earthquakes will come (which will be blamed on climate change and Trump) that will be so terrible that it will result in famines and the spread of horrible disease which will lead to great pestilences. What will the fearful sights in the heavens be; no one knows but they’re going to be impossible to ignore.  These events could be decades in the future or right around the corner; no man knows.

The final prophecy I want to reference is found in 2 Thessalonians 2:13.  It states that before the anti-christ is revealed there will first be a great “Falling away.”  I personally believe we are already living in the beginning days of the fulfillment of this prophecy.  Much of the church of Jesus Christ has already “Fallen away.”  In Europe the Christian church is virtually non-existent.  Europe was the cradle of Christianity for centuries and now the cradle is empty and Christian Europe has become a barren womb.  In the U.S. the church is quickly becoming reprobate.  Recently 150 Evangelical Pastors signed the Nashville Statement which merely reiterated foundational bible beliefs on marriage and gender that have been preached for 2000 years.  The negative response to this statement was astounding and the greatest protestations came from…Pastors across the country.  The great “Falling Away” mentioned in 2 Thessalonians is taking place in America at this very hour.

Are we living in the last days?  Most certainly but I wouldn’t sell my house just yet.  While it is easy to see the path of end-time prophecy laid out before us there are still some things that must fall into place before we can truly start declaring that the return of Jesus can be at any moment.  Rogue countries like North Korea will have to be eliminated.  There will never be a one-world government as long as Russia, China and the radical Muslim nations have anything to say about it or a one-world religion for that matter.  There is ample Old Testament prophecy that predicts that Russia and the radical Muslim nations will unite to attack and attempt to destroy Israel.  When this event takes place, and it will, God will fight on behalf of Israel and destroy those enemy nations.  When this war happens look up, for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21:28)





Is Silicon Valley taking over the world?


In the James Bond movie, “Tomorrow Never Dies,” media mogul Elliot Carver seeks to take over the world through his control of media outlets.  The megalomaniacal Carver believed that whoever controlled the media could control the minds of the people and thereby shape the future of mankind.  In a recent Washington Post article this statement was made: “Silicon Valley emerges as the new media capital of the world – shaping both commerce and culture.”

Jason Whitlock, former NFL player and current sports commentator, when asked about ESPN’s dramatic shift to the liberal left was unhesitant in his response.  He said Silicon Valley was the new center of media power in the United States and they were using their enormous influence to push an extreme liberal agenda.  He said that ESPN, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and other major media outlets were all taking orders from a handful of liberal billionaires who have quietly amassed enormous influence over our nation’s cultural beliefs.

Google, the most used search engine in the world, has instituted search filters that will eliminate certain extreme groups from coming up in the results.  Though this sounds wonderful to young social justice warriors the problem is that to all Google executives, anyone who disagrees with abortion or believes in a traditional marriage is considered an extreme hate group.  In recent months Google, who employs a political correctness czar, has fired anyone who publicly or privately posts opinions that contradict their far left orthodoxy.  Ironically, their justification for these firings is that they stand in defense of the exchange of free speech and the sharing of a diversity of opinions???  Only the most arrogant of hypocrites cannot see the contradiction in their rational.

Recently, conservative speakers have found their accounts suspended from YouTube.  When questioned as to why their accounts had been suspended and their posted videos removed from being accessed, YouTube had no answer to give.  The only thing that these suspensions had in common was that all the accounts targeted were held by conservatives.  This is a terrifying development in the world of social media.   Liberal billionaires now have the power to promote their liberal ideologies and to censure any viewpoint they disagree with.  The masses are being controlled.

When ESPN announced that Caitlyn Jenner was the winner of their courage award simply because he decided to be a she, it signaled that sports was no longer driving the network but instead a liberal social agenda.  The name Colin Kaepernick is mentioned at least 100 times a day on ESPN broadcasts where they are making him out to be a persecuted martyr.  Mr. Kaepernick, an unemployed NFL quarterback, decided to protest our national anthem in support of the Black Lives Matter narrative that America is basically a racist country and our police are racist in their policies.  He even went as far as to wear a Fidel Castro T-shirt during an interview.  He has every right to protest and the pundits at ESPN have mentioned that hundreds of times.  The NFL owners, however, have every right to not sign him to a contract but their rights get no respect by the very same pundits.

Right now Fox News and President Trump are the only things standing between Silicon Valley and liberal media world domination.  Both are under a constant attack from the liberal left and they won’t stop until they have completely annihilated the opposition.  A James Bond plotline is playing out right before our very eyes.  Silicon Valley has already become the liberal capital of America.  It is quite possible it has already unseated Washington D.C. as the political capital of America and New York as the economic capital of America.  Times they are a changin.