Why normal people hate politicians




Politicians are easily the most untrustworthy people on the face of the earth.  Their number two concern in life is to get re-elected so they can fulfill their number one concern which is to personally profit from their time in Washington.  If honesty and integrity were the power source that lit up our nation’s capital then Washington D.C. would be in a permanent state of darkness.  I have never seen a bigger collection of liars and con men in my life.  Our country will continue to swirl down the toilet of decline until Americans begin holding our elected officials accountable and start demanding men and women of character to sit in office.

This whole Russian/Trump collusion scandal is a hypocritical con of epic proportion being foisted on the American public.  Back when Barack Obama was running against Mitt Romney for the presidency the entire Democratic Party mocked Mr. Romney for saying that Russia was the greatest threat to our democracy.  Now all of a sudden a Republican is in office and the Democrats are apparently watching the movie, “Red Dawn,” every night before they go to bed.  Did Putin turn from a boy scout to a menace overnight?  We all remember Hillary Clinton hitting the reset button with the Russians and making nicey nice with them but now all of a sudden they are threatening our very existence.  Poppycock!!  This is nothing more than the politics of disingenuousness.  Normal people call it lying.

Barack Obama had knowledge of Russia meddling with our election but he was so unconcerned that he said nothing about it; until the unthinkable happened and Donald Trump won the election.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton were so concerned with the evil Russian empire that they green-lighted the sale or our uranium to none other than the Russians.  Not a single democrat seems to see this astounding hypocrisy.  The FBI and the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with Russian sources to dig up dirt and destroy Donald Trump but somehow this is all right.  Nothing more than opposition research.  Donald Trump has Russian dressing on his salad and the world is about to come to an end.

The faux outrage that Democrats spout on a daily basis is sickening.  It is totally manufactured for the sole purpose of destroying the Trump presidency.  Republican politicians are no better, however.  For seven years they spoke about overturning Obamacare but when the opportunity came they didn’t do it because they had no real plan to replace it with.  They were just using the bad Obamacare plan as a cudgel to hammer the President on a daily basis.

The Democrats in Washington only became vocal proponents against sexual harassment after the Clinton’s value to the party came to an end.  Suddenly Democrats became aware of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment history and Hillary’s habit of brutally attacking anyone who made a claim against her husband.  I will guarantee you if Hillary were elected president things would be very different.  Politicians don’t act on what’s right or wrong, they act when they think there might be a political gain to be made.  Right or wrong is rarely part of the behind the scenes political debate; it’s more about what they can get the public to believe and what they can get away with.

Do I believe it’s possible that members of President Trump’s team spoke secretly with the Russians?  It is absolutely possible.  Were they trying to dig up dirt on Hillary?  Most certainly they were.  Is Moscow secretly controlling the White House?  Don’t be absurd.  The question to ask is this: If the roles were reversed would the Democrats in congress be demanding an investigation into Hillary Clinton?  The obvious answer is that not a single member of the party would be speaking out against Hillary.  There would be no call for an investigation and certainly no talk of impeachment.

To my democratic friends I say this: get off your self-righteous high horse and stop acting like whining babies.  If I had to put up with a socialist wuss like Barack Obama for eight years then you can put up with a petulant child like Donald Trump for four years.  When are we going to stop calling out the bad behavior of the other side but continue to turn a blind eye when our side acts without integrity?  It’s time we stop being Republicans and Democrats and politically join together as Americans.  “And that’s all I have to say about that.”



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