The Big Bad Wolf of CNN

This may come as a surprise to you but I don’t normally watch CNN. In fact it’s fair to say that I never watch CNN.  After last night I can honestly say that I would rather watch Sponge Bob Square Pants re-runs than watch CNN.  I think it’s fair to say that Little Red Riding Hood would conduct a more intimidating interview than Big Bad Wolf Blitzer when it comes to interviewing a Democrat.

Having dinner last night at a small restaurant I was forced to sit next to a television that was playing CNN.  The volume was on and I couldn’t help but hear the dialogue that was taking place.  Wolf, one of the prime-time journalist/anchors for CNN was interviewing a Democratic strategist and then he interviewed a Democratic member of congress.  The exchanges that took place were more akin to a game of softball than to anything even remotely resembling journalism.

Now I know that liberal readers will say that FOX News is a partisan news organization and in many instances I will agree with you; but at least FOX has opposing points of view and the real news anchors will ask somewhat challenging questions to opinions that are voiced.  In the fifteen minutes of “News broadcast” that I witnessed, journalistic integrity was brought to a new low.

Clearly the questions that Wolf asked were pre-scripted and only served one purpose; attack Donald Trump and provide cover for the Democratic Party.  Wolf would either play a sound bite or read a quote from Donald Trump and then ask the partisan interviewee, “So what does this mean to you?”  The partisan would then spend the next two minutes bashing the President offering opinions as facts and Mr. Blitzer would accept every opinion as factual and never once push back on any of the crazy partisan theories that were offered.

The hot topic of the evening was in response to President Trump tweeting that Huma Abedin should be prosecuted for mishandling classified information.  The pundit’s responses which all went unchallenged were:

“The President should never use the office of the President to attack political opponents.”  Apparently everyone at CNN has forgotten that’s exactly what the Obama administration did to the Republican Party and to the Trump administration.

“The President is using this issue as a distraction from the Russian collusion probe.”  How can the probe possible be distracted when the mainstream media reports on it every day?

“The President is using this as a pretense to force the Attorney General to appoint another special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.”  No one needs any more evidence to pursue corruption charges against Ms. Clinton.  Apparently CNN sees absolutely nothing wrong with giving uranium to the evil Russians or with the Democrats colluding with Russian agents in order to affect the outcome of the election.

“Donald Trump is using this as an excuse to fire the Special Prosecutor in the current Russian collusion investigation.”

While every one of these theories were being presented, never once did the Big Bad Wolf ask for proof to verify these allegations.  Mr. Blitzer never once thought it odd that there were four different reasons given for the President’s tweet when clearly they couldn’t all be right.  And the most astonishing aspect of the interview is that neither Mr. Blitzer or his guests ever considered or even cared whether or not Ms. Abedin was guilty of the charges the President leveled against her.  There isn’t a single democrat in Washington that is interested in this point.

While I will agree that Republican Party has little integrity I will also state that Democrat Party has NO integrity.  They are eager to dismiss all crimes and breaches of ethical standards by the Obamas/Clintons/FBI.  They see absolutely nothing wrong with accusing President Trump of the very crimes that they themselves are guilty of.

To the Big Bad Wolf of CNN I say, “You are a gutless and toothless partisan hack; don’t ever call yourself a journalist again.”  Compared to CNN, FOX News really is fair and balanced.



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  1. Yup! CNN (eye roll) I can’t wait to read what you might(?)write about the recent mysterious fire at the Clinton compound that “just happened” to destroy a ton of servers, hard drives and papers! I smell something fishy in that smoke up in Chappaqua!

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