A Transparent Administration?

For years the Obama administration proclaimed itself as the most transparent administration in the history of our country.  On numerous occasions President Obama declared his presidency to be “Scandal free” while at the same time numerous investigations were taking place involving high ranking officials within his administration for actions that can only be described as…scandalous!   As the dust settles from the transition to a new administration it is more apparent than ever that the Obama administration was anything but transparent in fact they very well may have been treasonous.

A short list of scandals that can be traced to the feet of our former President are: the Fast and the Furious gun running program the led to the death of an American agent where 8 years later no one can seem to remember who gave the approval for such a dubious program.

The IRS scandal where a powerful government agency illegally used its power to target conservative groups in order to help sway government elections.  Where is the media outcry over this scandal?  A government agency was used as a weapon to actively affect the outcome of an election but the media doesn’t care.

The Obama administration illegally unmasking names in order to foster the Trump/Russia collusion as a way of destroying his presidency.

Had any of these things occurred during a Republican presidency the press would be doing backflips in order to break the biggest story since Watergate.  The press, however, when it comes to a Democratic administration becomes the three monkeys, “Hear no evil,” “See no evil,” and “Speak no evil.”  Now that Donald Trump is president they “Hear, Speak and See” evil at every turn.

Now why am I rehashing the old Obama stories you might be asking?  For two reasons.  First because no one has ever been held responsible for these high crimes within the highest offices in the land.  Second because the hidden backdoor deals made by the Obama administration are coming to light and need to be exposed.  Washington D.C. truly needs and enema and Donald Trump just might be the man with the latex glove.

It is only now becoming clear how bad Barack Obama wanted the Iran nuclear deal to come to pass.  Critics of the deal decried how bad the deal was at the time it was made but little did they know the behind the scenes deals that the administration made in order to secure Obama’s foreign policy legacy.  There are currently two scandalous stories that the main stream media is completely ignoring in order to cover up for the Obama/Hillary administration that are directly related to the Iran nuclear deal.  The first story, which is quite shocking, is the uranium deal with the Russians.  Not a single person has been able to answer a simple question; “Why would the United States sell 20% of our uranium assets to the Russians?” How is that in the best interests of America? A second question that also has not been answered is why was the Russian company allowed to move the uranium out of the country in complete violation of American law?  Uranium is used to make nuclear weapons.  The Russians sell uranium to Iran and North Korea.  Iran and North Korea are the two greatest threats to American interest around the world. It is astounding that not a single Democratic member of congress wants to investigate this decision made by the Obama administration and not a single member of the mainstream press thinks there’s something to investigate.  Can anyone say circle the wagons and cover up?

The second scandal that is only now coming to light is that the Obama administration torpedoed a massive drug smuggling and weapons selling operation involving the militant Iranian terrorist group Hezbollah.  That’s right, instead of putting a stop to a terror organization that was smuggling tons of cocaine into America along with other countries around the world AND providing weapons to other terror organizations the Obama administration chose to let them continue their illicit and deadly activities.  The next question to ask is why?  Why would an American president give deadly uranium to our greatest enemy and allow a terror organization to spread death and terror.  The answer to both these questions is one and the same.  Barack Obama wanted the Russians to sign onto the Iran nuclear deal and this was the price he was willing to pay.  He badly wanted Iran to sign onto the deal and was afraid if Hezbollah was prosecuted it would upset the negotiations.

Many would call these decisions treasonous and I would be one of those people.  Barack Obama was so concerned with leaving the White House with a foreign policy victory that he was willing to make some of the worse backroom deals in the history of our great nation.  If a nuclear device is ever successfully detonated in the United States it could very well be a result of our own uranium that was given to Russia.  How many people are going to die as a result of cocaine sold by Hezbollah or be killed by weapons illegally obtained from Hezbollah?

The liberal hypocrites in Washington want to crucify President Trump because he supposedly obtained DNC e-mails from the Russians yet they have absolutely no qualms with the President of the United States helping Russia obtain uranium and a world terror organization spreading terror.  It’s time for Americans to flush the toilet that is Washington D.C.

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  1. Welcome back R.U. Kiddingme, i was starting to go thru withdrawls!! Great post as usual and I am sending the POTUS a box of latex gloves as we speak!! lol

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