Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton – Two peas in the same pod


Back in the days when Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas his use of State Police to escort women for secret trysts was legendary.  This behavior was not only unethical it was also illegal; but even way back then the Clinton’s were operating under a different set of rules than everyone else. As long as it was deemed to be consensual everyone turned a blind eye and it was business as usual.  But it wasn’t always consensual. Bill Clinton as Governor of Arkansas and also as President of the United States was accused of rape and sexual harassment on numerous occasions.  But the Clinton machine, however, would quickly be put into action to crush and destroy and ultimately silence any accuser.  And who was in charge of the crush and destroy team, the team designed to humiliated and intimidate any woman who would bring accusation against Bill Clinton; why none other than Miss Hillary herself.

The same Hillary Clinton who would publicly campaign on the platform of protecting women who were abused was herself the chief abuser of woman who were violated by her husband.  This was well known by everyone in the media but the same hypocritical liberals who protected Harvey Weinstein the abuser were also protecting Bill Clinton the abuser.  Where was the media rushing to the defense of all the women who made claims of abuse by Bill Clinton?  Where was the media to call out Hillary’s hypocrisy when at the exact same time she spoke of defending women who were victimized she was victimizing women who were victimized?  Where is the media right now at this very moment when Harvey Weinstein skulks around like a pariah yet Bill and Hillary walk around like liberal royalty?

Bill Clinton is known to have travelled on Jeffrey Epstein’s, the billionaire pedophile, sex plane, the “Lolita Express” twenty plus times.  The plane is known to be equipped with beds for group sex with young and often underage girls.  Can anyone rationally explain to me how this isn’t headline news?  Can anyone explain why no one in the media wants to explore why the Clinton’s are connected to so many known pedophiles and sex offenders?  How is it possible that Bill and Hillary came within a hair’s breadth of living in the Whitehouse while Harvey Weinstein is a hair’s breadth of spending time in the big house?  Instead of being two peas in the same pod they should be two inmates sharing the same cell.

Liberals in Hollywood and in the media are falling all over themselves to denounce Harvey Weinstein in order to show how serious they are about protecting women’s rights and standing up for women who were sexually victimized.  Harvey Weinstein is in reality nothing more than a sacrificial lamb being offered up on the altar of liberal guilt.  “Sorry Harvey, someone had to take the fall to protect the rest and it happened to fall on you.  Don’t worry, we’ll send cards and be sure to visit.”  There are countless other well-known sexual predators and pedophiles who are living a life of luxury in Hollywood and in Washington who are still being protected by the so-called protectors of women’s rights.

Many people are asking why didn’t these women come forward to expose Harvey Weinstein sooner?  Maybe because they saw what happened to the woman who came forward to expose Bill Clinton?  They were destroyed by Hillary Clinton, they were mocked on SNL and other comedy shows and they weren’t taken serious by the mainstream media.  Don’t be fooled, the liberal cover-up of sexual predators continues unabated in our society.  As long as Bill and Hillary are liberal heroes their rhetoric against sexual predators is nothing more than hot air.

Do I need to mention how Donald Trump was crucified by the same media for an eleven year old tape where he talked about a desire to touch women in an inappropriate manner?  Could you imagine what would happen if women started coming out of the woodwork and accused our current President of rape?  The hypocrisy of our mainstream media is beyond the pale.



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