Congressional Investigations

Is there anything more useless in Washington than a Congressional investigation?  There have been approximately a dozen separate investigations launched by various committees on Capitol Hill to determine whether or not the Trump administration colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.  Each investigation spends millions of our tax dollars and to date what has all the time, effort and money produced for the American people…bupkis; Nada, nothing, zilch, zero, a big goose egg.

How many people can even remember that there is still an ongoing investigation into the Fast and the Furious gun running debacle which led to the death of an American agent?  How is it possible that after seven years no one knows who gave the green light for the program and who was responsible for its oversight?  Maybe it was the Russians.  How is it possible that Lois Lerner, who was responsible for the IRS scandal, could retire from her position with full benefits even though she illegally targeted conservative groups and destroyed evidence in the middle of a congressional investigation?  She showed everyone in Washington that all you have to do is destroy incriminating evidence and then plead the 5th and no one can touch you as long as the Attorney General has got your back.

Speaking of Attorney Generals, Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena to turn over pertinent documents in the Fast and Furious investigation.  What were the consequences for such an act of defiance to cover up and impede a congressional investigation?  Bupkis, nada, nothing, zilch, zero, a big goose egg.  Congressional investigations have absolutely no power to prosecute or punish anyone who defies their directives; they only have the power to investigate.  I heard Trey Goudy (who I like very much) the other night on Fox News threaten to issue subpoenas if government agencies didn’t comply with his committees requests for information.  BIG DEAL!  But what if someone refuses to comply with the subpoena?  Then they are held in contempt of Congress which, as Eric Holder proved, means absolutely nothing; a parking ticket is more threatening.

One of the great ironies in exposing criminal behavior in Washington is that every time new information comes out about one of the congressional investigations, the news wasn’t discovered by the investigating committee.  It is almost always discovered by private citizens.  Judicial Watch, a private citizen government watch group, unearths more hidden information by taking various government agencies to court and forcing them to turn over documents than any congressional committee.  It is conservative reporters who are responsible for piecing together the information that is currently bringing to light a scandal involving the Clintons and Russian extortionists gaining control of a portion of America’s uranium deposits.  How is it possible that the Clinton Foundation could receive 150 million dollars from the same Russian mobsters and then get approved by Hillary Clinton’s office to purchase the uranium deposits and no one in the government sounded an alarm???  Was it mere coincidence that Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a one hour speech from the same group of Russians during the same time period?  It is almost impossible to believe that even though the F.B.I. was aware of dozens of crimes including blackmail and extortion committed by the same Russians who purchased the uranium rights from America not a single person in the government put a stop to it.  The swamp is alive and well in Washington.

Can someone tell me what exactly Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing in Washington?  He is the one with the authority to bring people to justice and make them accountable for their abuses of power.  Where is the new investigation into Hillary Clinton and the myriad of crimes she committed that were covered up by Jim Comey and Barack Obama?  Where is the criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation?  Why is the F.B.I. still stonewalling investigations by first lying about possessing certain documents and then refusing to release the documents after it is discovered that they were lying?  Why when government agencies are required by law to release certain documents and they refuse to do so no one is held accountable?

Congressional investigations are nothing more than dog and pony shows designed to show the public that our elected officials are doing their job.  The problem is that they are an extreme waste of tax payer dollars and they are ultimately useless because the entire system is corrupt and is designed to shield our elected officials from accountability.  The government investigating the government is like a businessman auditing his own tax return.  BTW, am I the only one who finds it strange that Bill and Hillary Clinton continue to bash President Trump at every opportunity and yet he refuses to reopen the Hillary e-mail investigation despite promising to do so dozens of times while on the campaign trail?  Trust no one in Washington.  Politicians live by a different set of rules than the rest of America and that is as un-American as it gets.

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