Killing Columbus

Report from the New York Times: The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus lies in an undisclosed hospital in critical condition.  Mr. Columbus’ reputation has suffered great damage from a mob of angry liberals who have been roaming the streets of history looking to ambush anyone who may be held responsible for the founding and building of America.  In a relatively short period of time Mr. Columbus’ condition has deteriorated from heroic and inspiring to murderous and loathsome.  He stands accused of the crime of genocide and is believed to be the first person to successfully engage in germ warfare despite the fact that no one even knew what a germ was in 1492.

In a totally unrelated story Joseph Stalin, the founder of the Communist Party and the man directly responsible for the deaths of over 70 million innocent people, has been elevated to the position of sainthood by the same mob of liberals.


Mobs of angry liberals are roaming the streets of America and the streets of history like packs of wild dogs foaming at the mouth looking to devour anyone who fails to meet the modern day standard of liberal doctrine.  Faithful readers will remember that only a year ago I predicted that the American flag will one day be removed from the public consciousness because it will be viewed as a symbol of hatred and discrimination; we see that happening before our very eyes today.  I will now make another even more absurd prediction that I believe will come to pass in my lifetime.  A movement will be made by the mad dogs on the left to change the name of America as a symbolic gesture of apology to the world for our evil capitalistic influence over the rest of the world.  Don’t laugh or roll your eyes; it’s coming.

One of the many problems with liberals is their penchant to view history without historical perspective.  The world we live in today is vastly different from the world that was.  For thousands of years nations around the world lived according to one motto, “Conquer or be conquered.” The evil Europeans who conquered America were merely doing what had been done for millennia; it was the way of the world.  It was how you survived and how you prospered. To somehow isolate Christopher Columbus and other European settlers from the rest of history is historically irresponsible and completely unfair.  To call Columbus a bio-terrorist because he and his crew are supposedly responsible for bringing European diseases that supposedly slaughtered 20 million (a totally made up number) Native Americans is preposterous.  No one talks about the gift of syphilis that Native Americans gave Europeans along with many forms of cancer as a result of our introduction to tobacco products. How many Europeans have been killed by Native Americans over the centuries as a result? No one should be held accountable for unforeseen tragic events.  BTW I find it quite ironic that liberal iconic Governor Jerry Brown of California recently signed a bill to decriminalize the known spreading of the HIV virus in his state.  Doesn’t that make him worse than Christopher Columbus?  Why aren’t the angry mobs protesting in California?

There is no doubt that many atrocities were carried out on Native Americans by European settlers but can we take off the rose colored glasses when it comes to looking back at Native Americans.  Liberals today love to romanticize about the American Indian.  They are almost always portrayed as highly spiritual and peaceful beings who are one with the earth and all its goodness.  When European settlers came to America they were greeted with open arms of friendship and it was we who stabbed them in the back and mistreated them.  This view of the American Indian works well when you’re smoking a peace pipe but it almost completely devoid of historical accuracy.

While I am sure there were many Native Americas who desired to live their lives in peace I am also sure that the exact same thing could be said of white Europeans who came to America.  The reality, however, is that Native Americans lived under the same motto of, “Conquer or be conquered.”  No one has a clue who originally settled in America; it is impossible to know.  What we do know, however, is that for thousands of years Native American tribes were fighting with other Native American tribes in a struggle to thrive and survive. Land and hunting grounds were taken and then taken again by other tribes.  Females from other tribes were kidnapped and raped on a regular basis.  Children were often slaughtered to prevent competing tribes from expanding and growing stronger.  Indian tribes enslaved women from conquered tribes and forced them to travel with them away from their homes and families.  Early European settlements were often attacked by Indian tribes and often slaughtered.  This was everyday life 200 years ago.

I’m not attempting to paint Native Americans as evil savages.  I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal left who only seeks to hold white Europeans accountable for crimes against humanity while giving Native Americans and other favorites a free pass.  It’s no different than when liberals condemn America for slavery and ignore the long history (which still goes on today) of black Africans enslaving other black Africans.  Are white Europeans more evil simply because they were ultimately more successful at playing the game of conquer or be conquered?

Innocent people have been slaughtered on every continent across the globe throughout history.  Strong nations have conquered weaker nations and those weaker nations have conquered other even weaker nations throughout history.  I repeat: It is irresponsible to judge the past by the standards of today.

Ironic twist of the day:  Most liberals are atheists.  All atheists believe in evolution.  A main tenet of evolution is survival of the fittest.  Survival of the fittest means the strong conquer the weak.  If evolution is true as liberal atheists insist, then that means that the white Europeans who conquered the Native Americans were merely following the process of evolution.  If we then are controlled by the forces of evolution as science currently teaches us, then why are white Europeans being held as criminals by liberals for merely following their evolutionary programming?

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