A disregard for the truth


What happens to a society that loses all regard for the truth?  The bible famously says that the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).  Truth is the light that exposes corruption and all sorts of illicit behavior that is detrimental to a free society; it is the truth that makes you free.  We are only a free society if we are walking in truth.  The light of truth causes a dividing line where people choose to either walk in the light of honesty and integrity or live in the shadow of immorality.  When the light of truth is embraced by a society that dividing line is as clearly distinguishable as light is from dark.  When a society disregards the truth the dividing line between right and wrong gets blurred and soon shadows cover the land.  Children grow up not knowing right from wrong and soon society begins to decay.  The recent eclipse that caused a shadow to cut across the whole of the United States may have been more prophetic of our country’s moral condition than anyone thought.

Truth is truth.  It plays no favorites.  It has no political agenda.  It is not affected in the least by political correctness.  Truth is not moved by emotions, it doesn’t care if it makes you happy or angry.  The truth isn’t interested in the perception of fairness, the cries of social injustice or someone’s social standing; the truth is simply the truth.  The truth doesn’t care who it smacks in the face whether it be poor man, politician or priest.  The truth is the ultimate equalizer in a free society such as ours.  In a court of law a billion dollar company should be found guilty if the truth falls on the side of the mom and pop store that is suing them.  Money cannot buy or own the rights to the truth and neither can a generation of social justice warriors who don’t happen to like certain truths.

God created them both male and female.  This is the truth from God’s word.  A person is either born a male or a female based upon an XX or XY chromosome.  This is the truth of science.  If a man declares that he is a dolphin then he is diagnosed with a mental disorder.  However, if a man declares that he is a woman he is now told that he is a woman and that he can change his mind as often as he wants to.  There is absolutely no biblical or scientific truth behind this.  The discovery of a new truth always supports the validity of the previous truth. Truth always confirms truth, it never contradicts it.  If the truth of the biological sciences has to be denied in order to give birth to the new truth of gender fluidity then the new truth that has been birthed is an abomination.  The truth shall make you free.  The disregard for truth shall put you in bondage.

Nowhere is the disregard for truth more prevalent than in the political atmosphere that is dividing our country.  If people have to lie or distort the truth in order to win their political argument then that means their position is a losing position.  Why does Planned Parenthood have to lie and say that they are not selling the body parts of aborted fetuses when they clearly are?  Why do Democratic run states continue to deny any voter fraud but then refuse to cooperate in any voter fraud investigation?  The answer to both these questions is simple; if the truth were ever to be revealed it would clearly show that they were operating in the shadows of deceit and darkness.  When the truth is your enemy isn’t that a sign that you’re playing on the wrong team?

Why do democrats continually promote preposterous lies about President Trump when attempting to promote their political agenda?  It is a sign that their positions are so weak that they need to lie because the truth would actually hurt their cause.  The liberal left continually compares President Trump to Adolph Hitler.  This comparison is so preposterous that it is an insult to common sense and to the hordes of people who suffered real torture under his reign. Hitler slaughtered millions of innocent victims while President Trump’s greatest attack has been a verbal assault against Rosie O’Donnell long before he ran for President.  Anyone who chooses to believe this lie is forced to suspend all rational thought and regard for truth because hatred has so taken hold of them.

President Trump has been vilified for having the audacity to place some blame for the Charlottesville riot on the Anti-fa marchers who opposed the white supremists.  He was absolutely right in his assessment; the problem was that liberals didn’t like that truth.  I have heard numerous times that the President claimed that the white supremist marchers were good people; this is a political lie.  He said that on both sides of the protest there were some good people there who were not there to riot but to represent their political position; this was another truth that he spoke that didn’t fit the liberal narrative.  If Donald Trump is so blatantly evil why the need to distort the facts in order to support that position?  Donald Trump does not hate women, he does not hate immigrants and he does not hate Jews.  These assertions are a disregard for the truth in order to promote a political agenda.  Donald Trump is certainly crude, short tempered and at times childish in his reactions but even a casual examination of the facts demonstrates that he is not the Hitler-like hater that the left makes him out to be.  The danger with truth-less politics is that it keeps a nation in the dark.  We have no idea which political platform to vote for because the party promoting the platform is lying about how wonderful it is and the party in opposition is lying about how dangerous it is.  It used be the press that would sort through the lies and uncover the truth for the average person but the press spins and supports so many of the lies that come from the political left that they simply cannot be trusted any longer.


In the bible the book of Proverbs 11:1 says that a false balance is an abomination to the Lord.  God is referring to the need for truth in business.  Unscrupulous businesspersons would use a rigged balance to cheat a person out of their hard earned money.  This practice was called an abomination in the eyes of God meaning that is was especially abhorrent to him.  Why was this practice especially evil to God?  Because our entire system of trade and commerce is based up truth.  If I pay for one pound of flour I shouldn’t receive three quarters of a pound.  Truth is necessary in the business world but it is also necessary in the world of law and order.  If the wealthy or privileged are given special treatment then chaos will ensue.  If the police are not held responsible for criminal or negligent actions then chaos will ensue.  If politicians continually get away with criminal behavior then chaos will ensue.

A generation is arising that views truth as something that is as fluid as the new definition of gender.  If a truth is inconvenient then simply disregard it.  Personal preference has taken top priority over truth and morality in our current society.  A diverse society functions when it is guided by an accepted set of truths.  These truths ultimately limit everyone in society.  You cannot have freedoms if you do not have limits; truth provides limits.  A society that attempts to guide itself according to personal preference is a society that will eventually devour itself.   When one group’s personal preference comes into conflict with another group’s personal preference there is only one inevitable outcome; chaos.  Truth needs to be elevated over personal preference in order for a free society to remain free.

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