Are we living in the last days?


With the recent eclipse and the natural disasters that have been making headlines across the globe, self-proclaimed bible prophecy experts are declaring that we are living in the last days before the soon return of Jesus.  Is this true or are some people just trying to shoehorn their personal beliefs into celestial events that may or may not be of biblical significance?  While the bible does say that there will be signs in the heavens preceding the “Rapture” and the return of Christ, is a solar eclipse and a few hurricanes definitive proof that Jesus is warming up the engine on his favorite chariot and getting ready to return to earth?  The answer is a definite maybe.  The thing about interpreting bible prophecy is that so many people get it wrong before eventually someone, due to the laws of probability, eventually gets it right.  People have  been reading the stars and predicting the end of the world for centuries and have been wrong hundreds of times, but eventually the stars will align and someone will declare the end is here and he or she will be right.   Is today that day?  The answer is a definite maybe.  Are we living in the last days?  The answer is definitely yes but the last hour of the last day can last fifty years according to God’s timetable.  Instead of focusing on what we don’t know for sure, let’s look at what we do know that aligns with the second coming of Christ.

Signs of the end times

Israel becoming a nation in 1948 is the beginning of the countdown of the last days and the return of Christ.  The fact that 2018 will mark the 70th anniversary of Israel’s born-again status as a nation could be of great significance.  70 years marks a completed generation for a nation.  Israel spent 70 years in bondage to Babylon before their deliverance came to them.  Will 2018 be the year that God delivers Israel from persecution of the Arab nations that surround them?  That’s a definite maybe but the re-formation of Israel as a nation is definitely a sure sign of the end of days.

The book of Revelation speaks about the anti-christ ruling over a one-world government during the seven year tribulation period.  We are nowhere near a one-world government but we are certainly heading in that direction at an alarming pace.  All it will take is a world catastrophe such as a war or an economic collapse to push the liberal-socialist leaders around the world into an agreement to save the world through a United Nation style government.  Billionaires like George Soros and world leaders are already pushing strongly to bring this about; it will happen, the only question is when.

The book of Revelation also speaks of a one-world religion ruled by one person who stands alongside the anti-christ during the seven year tribulation period.  Though we are nowhere near this, liberal religious and political leaders are strongly pushing for a unified religious ecumenical movement that will end wars and bring peace to the world.  Liberal socialists see religion as the greatest impediment to world peace and there is no doubt that the one-world government will demand a one-world religion in the name of peace and inclusivity.  It is coming, the only question is when.

The book of Revelation also states that the mark of the beast will be applied to the hand or forehead of anyone who wishes to buy or sell.  This strongly implies two things: first a cashless society and second, a computer type mark or chip that can be applied to humans that has the ability to make and record financial transactions.  Both of these things are coming to pass before our very eyes.  Cash is becoming almost non-existent and companies are already using chip implants on their employees to make it easier for them to enter secure rooms or to make purchases on their company campus. Keep in mind that this was predicted 2000 years ago and it is coming to pass in the very day that we are living in.

Jesus also prophesied that there would be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse place and famines and pestilences along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven.  While we have certainly experienced some terrible natural disasters in recent times I don’t believe that we have yet experienced what Jesus was talking about.  I personally believe that great earthquakes will come (which will be blamed on climate change and Trump) that will be so terrible that it will result in famines and the spread of horrible disease which will lead to great pestilences. What will the fearful sights in the heavens be; no one knows but they’re going to be impossible to ignore.  These events could be decades in the future or right around the corner; no man knows.

The final prophecy I want to reference is found in 2 Thessalonians 2:13.  It states that before the anti-christ is revealed there will first be a great “Falling away.”  I personally believe we are already living in the beginning days of the fulfillment of this prophecy.  Much of the church of Jesus Christ has already “Fallen away.”  In Europe the Christian church is virtually non-existent.  Europe was the cradle of Christianity for centuries and now the cradle is empty and Christian Europe has become a barren womb.  In the U.S. the church is quickly becoming reprobate.  Recently 150 Evangelical Pastors signed the Nashville Statement which merely reiterated foundational bible beliefs on marriage and gender that have been preached for 2000 years.  The negative response to this statement was astounding and the greatest protestations came from…Pastors across the country.  The great “Falling Away” mentioned in 2 Thessalonians is taking place in America at this very hour.

Are we living in the last days?  Most certainly but I wouldn’t sell my house just yet.  While it is easy to see the path of end-time prophecy laid out before us there are still some things that must fall into place before we can truly start declaring that the return of Jesus can be at any moment.  Rogue countries like North Korea will have to be eliminated.  There will never be a one-world government as long as Russia, China and the radical Muslim nations have anything to say about it or a one-world religion for that matter.  There is ample Old Testament prophecy that predicts that Russia and the radical Muslim nations will unite to attack and attempt to destroy Israel.  When this event takes place, and it will, God will fight on behalf of Israel and destroy those enemy nations.  When this war happens look up, for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21:28)





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