Is Silicon Valley taking over the world?


In the James Bond movie, “Tomorrow Never Dies,” media mogul Elliot Carver seeks to take over the world through his control of media outlets.  The megalomaniacal Carver believed that whoever controlled the media could control the minds of the people and thereby shape the future of mankind.  In a recent Washington Post article this statement was made: “Silicon Valley emerges as the new media capital of the world – shaping both commerce and culture.”

Jason Whitlock, former NFL player and current sports commentator, when asked about ESPN’s dramatic shift to the liberal left was unhesitant in his response.  He said Silicon Valley was the new center of media power in the United States and they were using their enormous influence to push an extreme liberal agenda.  He said that ESPN, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and other major media outlets were all taking orders from a handful of liberal billionaires who have quietly amassed enormous influence over our nation’s cultural beliefs.

Google, the most used search engine in the world, has instituted search filters that will eliminate certain extreme groups from coming up in the results.  Though this sounds wonderful to young social justice warriors the problem is that to all Google executives, anyone who disagrees with abortion or believes in a traditional marriage is considered an extreme hate group.  In recent months Google, who employs a political correctness czar, has fired anyone who publicly or privately posts opinions that contradict their far left orthodoxy.  Ironically, their justification for these firings is that they stand in defense of the exchange of free speech and the sharing of a diversity of opinions???  Only the most arrogant of hypocrites cannot see the contradiction in their rational.

Recently, conservative speakers have found their accounts suspended from YouTube.  When questioned as to why their accounts had been suspended and their posted videos removed from being accessed, YouTube had no answer to give.  The only thing that these suspensions had in common was that all the accounts targeted were held by conservatives.  This is a terrifying development in the world of social media.   Liberal billionaires now have the power to promote their liberal ideologies and to censure any viewpoint they disagree with.  The masses are being controlled.

When ESPN announced that Caitlyn Jenner was the winner of their courage award simply because he decided to be a she, it signaled that sports was no longer driving the network but instead a liberal social agenda.  The name Colin Kaepernick is mentioned at least 100 times a day on ESPN broadcasts where they are making him out to be a persecuted martyr.  Mr. Kaepernick, an unemployed NFL quarterback, decided to protest our national anthem in support of the Black Lives Matter narrative that America is basically a racist country and our police are racist in their policies.  He even went as far as to wear a Fidel Castro T-shirt during an interview.  He has every right to protest and the pundits at ESPN have mentioned that hundreds of times.  The NFL owners, however, have every right to not sign him to a contract but their rights get no respect by the very same pundits.

Right now Fox News and President Trump are the only things standing between Silicon Valley and liberal media world domination.  Both are under a constant attack from the liberal left and they won’t stop until they have completely annihilated the opposition.  A James Bond plotline is playing out right before our very eyes.  Silicon Valley has already become the liberal capital of America.  It is quite possible it has already unseated Washington D.C. as the political capital of America and New York as the economic capital of America.  Times they are a changin.


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