Left-wing violence, the new sacred cow


President Trump was roundly excoriated by the left and even many on the right for having the audacity to assign a portion of blame to left-wing protestors in the Charlottesville riots.  Media pundits across the spectrum were highly offended that the President refused to assign the totality of blame to the evil white supremist marchers.  Left-wing violence is the new sacred cow in America; it cannot be touched, it cannot be criticized, it is, in fact, to be worshipped.

Let us establish some undeniable facts about the Charlottesville incident.  The white supremists and KKK members had a legally obtained a permit to march and to protest.  The white supremists had a constitutional right of free speech and to have and to speak any world view they desire.  The Left-wing protestors came to the rally for one purpose; to interrupt the rally though violent protest.  Violent protest is illegal.  Whoever disputes these facts that I have just laid out is a denier who is not interested in truth but in emotional justification.

Let’s take a look at President Trump comments on the Charlottesville riot.  My personal opinion is that his first comments on the incident were too measured and too cautious.  His excuse that he was waiting for all the facts to come in was farcical because everyone knows he shoots first and asks questions later.  His second comments about the incident where he harshly criticized the racist protestors I thought were on the money and should have silenced any Trump naysayers; they did not.  Despite the fact that President Trump clearly condemned the racist protestors in no uncertain terms, he was still being falsely accused of going soft on them.  His third comments on the matter I thought were his most courageous.  During these comments he once again condemned the racist protestors but he also called out the violence that was perpetrated by the left-wing radicals that were there to riot.  Everything President Trump said during that press conference was factually accurate.  The racist factions that were present are vile, hate-filled people.  The left-wing radicals that were present bear a healthy percentage of blame for the violence that took place.  Finally he said that not everyone that was there to protest the removal of confederate statues was a hater and a racist.  He went on to say that there were people on both side of the aisle that were basically good people who were not there to cause violence.  All three of those statements are to be construed as accurate to any fair minded individual.  The accuracy of the President’s statement didn’t matter to the anti-Trumpers; left-wing violence is never to be put in the same category as racist ideals.  In fact left-wing violence is never to be called wrong at all; under any circumstance.

Noted conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, no fan of the President, even created his own moral law when he declared that when racism is involved it must stand alone and not be mixed together with other immoral acts.  It was outrageous to him that the President would dare to even address the left-wing violence when racism was involved.  How dare he condemn President Trump of a moral failure of his own creation.  When then does left-wing violence ever get addressed, certainly never in the Presidency of Barack Obama.  Not only did the former President regularly ignore left-wing violence, he passively supported it.  Left-wing violence is always morally justified in the press and in the Democrat Party.  Conservative Tea Party marches were always portrayed in the media as a gathering of hateful violent conservatives even though no violence ever took place.  On the contrary, Black Lives Matter marches where violence almost always took place was never condemned or even scrutinized by the media.  Violent university protests by left-wing radicals are never portrayed or reported in a negative light; they are in fact heralded as beautiful expressions of our first amendment right of free speech.

I personally side with the 95% of Americans who consider racism to be morally repulsive.  I also, however, consider the glorification of left-wing violence to be morally repulsive and highly hypocritical.  We can’t have rallies in support of free speech and in those very rallies declare that we must suppress the rights of free speech of others with whom we disagree.  This isn’t only morally wrong it is psychologically perverse.  The Bible says that we overcome evil with good, not with violence.


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  1. Well put. What is so hard to understand? Your analysis just makes sense. When I heard the reaction of the media; including many on Fox News, I thought I must me mentally challenged because I thought the President was right and the constant attacks only show that they’re out to get him. Oh, what happened to Russian collusion now; no mention of it! I am now wondering how Mr Trump will be blamed for the recent attack in Barcelona?

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