The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the many faces of Donald Trump


Donald Trump continues to spend as much time dealing with self-inflicted wounds as he does with major national policy issues.  If President Trump was a tennis player he would lead the tour in aces AND unforced errors.  In the past week his administration should have been basking in the light of his progressing agenda but instead all attention has been shifted to his petty squabbles with CNN and MSNBC.  If Donald Trump doesn’t grow up, a second presidential term will slip out of his grasp and all the conservative good he has done will be easily erased.  Let’s assess his presidency to this point.

THE GOOD- Donald Trump will have done more good for this country in 8 months than Barack Obama did in 8 years.  Let’s make a partial list of his good accomplishments.

Border security

Improving the VA debacle

Reducing costly regulations

Restraining the EPA

Withdrawing from the awful Paris Climate Agreement

Making the U.S. an exporter of energy

Jobs creation

Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch

Exposing the liberal press

Many others

THE BAD- the General Flynn appointment was a bad move by the administration.  There was a total breakdown in the vetting process and there is simply no excuse for the way it went down.  It’s the administrations job to know every little detail about a cabinet member’s life before an appointment is made.  Flynn’s blatant omissions of receiving Russian money have been a major source of fuel for the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory and a black mark on the administration.

The James Comey Affair.  Why wasn’t James Comey fired immediately after Donald Trump was inaugurated as President?  It was clearly a bad decision that left many people, including myself, scratching our heads.  Then, to make a bad situation worse, what was Donald Trump thinking when he had the room cleared in order to ask Director Comey to drop the investigation into General Flynn.  A sitting President isn’t supposed to act like Don Corleone from the Godfather movies.  Whether it was technically legal for him to do or not, it made for bad optics and gave the appearance of impropriety. Also, after Comey was fired, there were at least four different versions of why he was fired coming out of the White House; that is bad communications management.  There’s more bad but you get my point.

THE UGLY- I’m amazed at how many Donald Trump supporters are making excuses for his recent tweets about CNN and some MSNBC hosts.  Let’s make this simple; his tweets were infantile and an embarrassment to the office of the President of the United States of America.  It doesn’t matter how many ugly tweets can be found coming from liberals, the highest office in the land needs to have the highest standards of integrity in the land.  I am not against Donald Trump tweeting as President of the United States.  I am against a spoiled 13 year old version of Donald Trump tweeting as President of the United States.

These recent tweets, along with others, demonstrate two character flaws in Donald Trump.  One: he is thin-skinned, vindictive and petulant.  Two: he is so arrogant that he clearly doesn’t listen to anyone.  I can only imagine what his advisors and his communications team must say to each other every time he drops one of his “Tweet-bombs.”  There is no way that he hasn’t been told a thousand times to control his tweet tooth addiction that he has but Donald Trump thinks he knows better than everyone; he doesn’t.  Donald Trump needs what every politician needs; a filter.  He just needs it more than everyone else.  Since I know that the President is an avid follower of R.U. Kiddingme, I am giving my advice for the sake of the future of our great country; so please hear what I have to say.  You may think that you are the Commander in Tweet but you need to appoint someone to be Lord of your Tweets.  You need someone less emotionally impulsive who can act as your filter to help protect you from self-inflicted wounds.  Remember Mr. President, when you are swimming with sharks it only take a little blood in the water to create a feeding frenzy.


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