Should “Dreamers” be given amnesty?


There is perhaps no greater example of why the wheels of politics move so slowly and why nothing of great importance ever gets done in our government than examining the current debate on the DACA Dreamers.  If members from both sides of the political aisle would spend less time lying and spinning the political facts and more time having honest and realistic debate, this problem could easily be solved.  The sad fact is that most partisans are more committed to their political ideology than they are to truth and reason; therefore maintaining the sacredness of a political talking point takes priority over actually solving a problem.  So let’s take an honest and realistic examination of the subject and arrive at a reasonable and logical solution.

First, let’s stop the false narrative that Democrats are in favor of securing our borders and their only motive for helping illegal immigrants is because they are the great humanitarians of humanity.  This is pure nonsense and everyone in Washington knows it.  Democrats want as many immigrants as possible flooding into our country because they see them as the greatest potential voting bloc in order for them to gain and retain political power.  Why do you think the Democratic Party has completely abandoned the black population in America?  Because the Latino population has surpassed the black population in terms of numbers and studies have shown Latinos are more likely to cast votes over blacks.  Immigrants are seen as potential votes to Democrats and nothing more.  While I understand that Democrats can’t publicly make this admission, they can stop their phony protestations on the subject and start being cooperative.

On the Republican/Conservative side let’s stop acting like Dreamers are great criminals who snuck into our country illegally in order to take advantage of welfare benefits; this is simply not true.  The vast majority of Dreamers were babies and young children when they were brought here by family members; they were not complicit in the act of violating our borders.  Amnesty is given to people who have committed crimes and I’m sorry but it is foolish to accuse two year olds of committing crimes.  It is also unproductive and nonsensical to say that they should have applied for citizenship over the course of their lives so therefore they are guilty.  While this could be argued as technically true, the political empathy during their lifetime made citizenship application a non-issue for them. Their situations were fostered by government inaction and political agendas for decades.  Also, let’s stop acting like there is any chance in the world that we are going to deport two million dreamers; it’s never going to happen nor should it.  They have spent their entire lives living in this country, with the consent of our government, and it would be inhumane to simply throw them out.

The cry of many conservatives that if Donald Trump makes a deal with Democrats to give a path of citizenship to Dreamers is a betrayal of conservative principles is childish and absurd.  There is no more of a staunch conservative than myself but I am not heartless and unrealistic.  Dreamers are not criminals and they should not be treated as such.  They are also not citizens and therefore they should not be treated as such.  It must be emphasized that illegal immigrants acted with the approval and even support of multiple Congresses and administrations.  Our laws were not enforced and Latinos were even encouraged to illegally enter our country by the Obama administration and others.  I would even argue that our government has more criminal culpability than the Dreamers do.  So what do we do?

  1. Stop the petty bickering and have an honest conversation. Leave your political talking points behind.  Keep in mind that real lives are hanging in the balance.  The Dreamers are going nowhere so something has to be done to put an end to this decades long problem that our government created.
  2. We need to secure our borders. The Democrats must give up their dream of an endless supply of voters entering our country and try to win elections by winning the votes of people through the persuasion of selling a vision.  Unfortunately the only political idea the Democratic Party has had in 50 years is, “Vote for us because we’ll take other people’s money and give it to you.”  The President has the right to establish immigration policy; if you don’t like it, win the next election.
  3. A path to citizenship is the only reasonably approach to take. Any argument against this solution is based solely upon a blind adherence to political talking points and is not based in reason and reality.  The path should include no government handouts and should require an automatic deportation if certain crimes are committed.  Dreamers should have their citizenship applications put behind everyone who has been legally waiting for years for their citizenship to be considered this way they don’t get preferential treatment over those who have been seeking legal status by following our laws.

The current plan that President Trump is espousing may not be perfect but it is clearly the best one that is being proposed.  The Democrat opposition to this plan is two-fold.  First, it entails actual border security and they don’t really want that regardless of what they say publicly.  Second, Donald Trump is hijacking their talking point and he, a Republican President, would get the credit for solving the immigration dilemma and they can’t allow that to happen.  Any Republican opposition would be based upon a blind adherence to no amnesty, to no person, for no reason.  The Dreamers are a unique group of people and therefore require a unique solution.  This should be an easy fix but in order to do so only adults should be allowed in the room.  Are there enough adults in Washington to fill a small room; I’m not sure.

The Death of Honor

The words that are most commonly used in society often tell us a lot about what priorities our society has embraced.  Likewise, words that disappear from society’s daily lexicon also tell us a lot about the things that we have decided are no longer valuable and are no longer needed.  In my opinion, the word that best describes the society that we are currently living in is the word, “Selfie.”  Has there ever been a word that better describes the attitudes and values of a generation than the word “Selfie?”  While the word “Selfie” has become perhaps THE defining word of this current generation and continues to grow unabated in its relevance, a word has quietly passed away from our public’s consciousness that signals an equally important turn in society’s priorities; I am, of course, referring to the word….honor.

In the minds of young people today the word honor conjures up images of knights sitting around a round table talking about saving damsels from distress.  Honor is an antiquated word that belongs only in medieval stories that has no importance in today’s enlightened modern culture.  Never has a generation so misunderstood the importance of a word and a concept.

Honor is what keeps a civilization civil.  Honor is the boundary that prevents us from going too far out of bounds.  Without the concept of honor, a society quickly devolves into a self-centered, self-ish mob of individuals where morals fall to the lowest common denominator.  In other words, when honor dies, a “Selfie” generation is born.

The word honor means to attach a value to something; the greater the value the greater the honor.  In the Bible in Romans 13:7 we are told to give honor where honor is due.  It is not an optional statement, it is a command.  God, in his infinite wisdom, knowing that man would choose to give honor according to the things that he personally thinks deserves honor, defines various areas where honor is due.  I will pick out one area mentioned in the Bible to illustrate how far we have turned from the concept of honor.  In the book of 1 Peter 2:17 we are told to honor one another and to honor the king.  Again it is written in the command tense in the original Greek.  Honor the King.

We are not told that we have to like the leader of our land.  We are not commanded to agree with every decision that comes down from the pen of our nation’s leader.  We are, however, commanded to honor that leader.  Keep in mind when Peter wrote those words two thousand years ago the “King” was despised by Jews and Christians alike.  Why then would God issue such a command?  Because honor keeps civilizations civil.  Honor is the guardian of societal morality.  Honor the King.  Honor the Prime Minister.  Honor the President.

Somewhere in my lifetime honor got old, sickly and died a slow death.  The demise of honor didn’t begin when President Trump got elected, that just signaled its death.  Decades ago honor began wheezing and coughing and contracted a deadly virus.  When I was a kid police were respected and feared, today they are spit at and shot at.  When I was a kid my teacher was always right, today teachers are cursed at and threatened with lawsuits if a child doesn’t get an “A.”  You almost can’t go to a youth ball game today without hearing an adult verbally abusing a 17 year old umpire over balls and strikes.  When exactly did this become the normal state of affairs in our society?  Honor was carted off to convalescent home years ago where he was left to die an anonymous and unceremonious death.  Is it any wonder why we see what we see in Washington and in the media?

Politicians today are not elected based upon the honor of their character, it’s all about who is the better liar.  While honor was a thinly veiled veneer for many years in Washington, all pretenses have been cast off in the past 14 months and civility has been replaced with embarrassing and shameful behavior.  While Donald Trump does not always handle himself in an honorable manner, he is the President of the United States.  While you may not think that Donald Trump the man deserves honor, God commands that Donald Trump the President be given honor.  You can detest the man but you must honor the office.  This principle has been taught for generations in our armed services; you may despise your commander but you MUST honor the stripes that he wears.  This concept is what maintains order and effectiveness.

A recent news clip of an interview at a Women’s rally sums up how far society has slipped in the past 14 months.  Two twenty year old girls were holding a sign that said, “Kill Trump, Kill Pence.”  This sign was not an aberration, this was mainstream thought at this rally.  Two twenty year old punk girls who have never worked a day in their lives and are having their parents pay for their college education think it is acceptable to demand the assassination of both the President and the Vice-President.  These signs were cheered as were similar sentiments being shared by rally speakers.  Could you just imagine the news coverage if there were signs at a “Tea Party” rally that read, “Kill Obama, Kill Biden?”  Media outlets and Democrats would have been screaming from the mountain tops.

Somehow we are shocked when we hear that young men don’t honor the personal and sexual rights of young women.  Give me a reason why a young man would even understand the meaning of honor?  What examples does he see set in front of him.  A young boy growing up today sees: His father watching pornography where women are portrayed as sex objects.  He sees his parents bad-mouthing every teacher, every boss and every neighbor at the kitchen table.  He sees the news and Democrats bash the President on a daily basis.  He is taught in school that there is no God and therefore no consequences for his actions.

Honor is desperately needed in today’s society and today’s society desperately needs good men to raise up a generation of honorable young men.


In defense of sexual harassment


Watch the news and in five minutes you will see yet another accusation of sexual harassment being leveled against a celebrity or a powerful organization.  Most recently Michigan State University is making headlines for allegedly covering up multiple reports of unwanted sexual contact between male athletes and young women on campus; this coming on the heels of the Penn State molestation debacle.  In Hollywood Harvey Weinstein is the new face of sexual harassment and he is being portrayed as some sort of loathsome predator who used his power to intimidate, coerce and even violate women to satisfy his animal lusts.  Quite frankly I don’t get what all the fuss is about.  Why is it that when men act in accordance with millions of years of evolutionary programming they are now seen as acting inappropriately?  The evolutionary laws of nature are far more powerful and binding than any laws that man can make.  Men shouldn’t be faulted for acting the way they were programmed to be!

Science can’t have it both ways.  They can’t make the claim that we are nothing more than evolved animals and at the same time expect us to act like we are no longer bound by evolutionary impulses such as sexual desire and conquest.  According to evolutionary teaching we have been governed by natural selection which is commonly referred to as “Survival of the fittest.”  In the animal kingdom lions that are younger and stronger simply take control of the lionesses belonging to another male if he is able to defeat him.  He then has sex with every lioness he can in accordance with the evolutionary impulses that govern him.  I don’t hear any evolutionary biologist crying sexual harassment in the animal kingdom.  Animals often fight to the death in order to take control of territory or take ownership of a female.  If we are nothing more than evolved animals then why should a human male not be allowed to fulfill his natural instincts?

Keep in mind that the concept of morality has no place in evolutionary theory.  In fact a conscience, or morality, is actually an anti-evolutionary concept meaning it has no place in the evolutionary tree.  Morality is anti- survival of the fittest.  Natural selection would have weeded out the weaker trait of evolved morality millions of years ago because an amoral being would clearly be more dominant than a moral one and therefore would be the one to survive and thrive.  Why does modern man despise an Adolph Hitler who was clearly acting upon his evolutionary instincts of survival of the fittest and was also demonstrating the evolutionary trait of natural selection?  He saw races that he deemed as weaker and sought to eliminate them; the very definition of natural selection or evolution.

So you see, modern science can’t have it both ways.  If we are nothing more than the product of millions of years of the evolutionary process then a man has the right to take what he wants as long as he is more powerful.  It is the law of the jungle, it is evolution in action.  If, however, a man is not supposed to act like an animal it must mean that his creation is superior to that of an animal.  If a man is expected to act in a moral fashion it must mean that his morality comes from a source outside of the evolutionary process as morality would never be the result of the evolutionary process.  If evolution is true then Harvey Weinstein and any other sexual predator should be considered nothing more than those who are occupying the top levels of the food chain.  If a man is expected to act with a moral compass however, then maybe we should start teaching our young men that they are not merely highly evolved animals but we are instead made in the image of God and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Sticks and stones


Recently, President Trump came under fire for supposedly referring to various third-world countries as s***holes.  The reaction from the left has been, to no one’s surprise, over the top and hysterical.  Senator Cory Booker went on a tirade that is worthy of Academy Award consideration; complete with tears and gut-wrenching facial expressions.  Apparently President Trump is the first person in our country’s history to ever use vulgarity in the White House.  Let’s set the record straight and bring some sanity to situation.

The first point to mention is that I am in no way supportive of the President using that type of language to refer to any country or any individual.  A President needs to lift the collective morality of a country, not speed its guttural decline.

My second point confirms why I have previously written why so many people hate politicians; they are disingenuous and lie constantly.  It is well known that past presidents have used similar language when engaged in high-level meetings.  The only difference is that members of the opposite political party didn’t run to the press to leak the inappropriate language in order to score political points against the President.  Bill Clinton is widely known to have used vulgarities when referring to other people or other nations but his private comments were kept private by all involved; not so with the current Democrat Party.  This is where President Trump’s stubbornness rises to the surface and gets him in trouble.  He has to realize that any member of the Democratic Party and half the members of his own party are his sworn enemies and they will do anything they can to make him look bad.

The third point that needs to be addressed in an honest discussion is whether or not the President’s comments, though offensive, were accurate.  The short answer is…yes!  Why are we allowing so many people from third-world countries into our country when they bring no skills, become a financial burden to our communities and often engage in criminal activity?   Recent data tells us that these types of immigrants are 250% more likely to commit violent crimes in our country than native born Americans; this is a staggering statistic.  If your response it that we need to let these people in for Christian humanitarian reasons then I certainly respect your position but that position needs some deeper thought.

One of the big problems with liberal thought is that it rarely delves into the details and never considers future unintended consequences.  Liberal thought is almost always based upon a surface emotional response.  A question that I have heard asked many times but have never heard a liberal respond to is, “How many poor, unskilled immigrants should we allow into the country?”  Should it be one million a year?  How about five million or ten million or should we just open the floodgates and allow anyone and everyone to come in?  Is America supposed to be the welfare provider for the entire world?  Not a single liberal is willing to address this common sense question; why?  Because exploring this question opens the doors to some unfortunate realities that democrats don’t want to consider.

The American government is charged with the responsibility of making decisions that are in the best interests of its citizens; liberals seem to forget that.  Liberals continue to spout talking points that illegal immigrants are good for America.  The problem with that is that it’s simply not completely true.  As I’ve previously stated illegal immigrants from poor nations are 250% more likely to commit violent crimes than native born Americans.  That is obviously not good for America.  Another important fact to consider is that a large influx of non-English speaking immigrants ruins the education system for all Americans.  Recently, the Mayor of Albany NY which has a large immigrant population was forced to admit that in recent testing 0% of 8th graders were able to pass a math proficiency test…0%!  Ask any teacher who has a large percentage of ESL students in their classes and they will tell you that it is simply impossible to teach the curriculum.  The bottom line is that our children’s education suffers from an uncontrolled immigration policy.  Of course liberals in Washington don’t have to worry about that because they send their children to private schools and they are never affected by their own policy decisions.

Another fact to consider is that despite liberal talking points, poor immigrants consume a higher percentage of social benefits than native born citizens.  In other words it costs the American taxpayers a lot of money to support the immigrant population.   Another fact that rarely gets spoken about is that Mexico’s number one source of income is immigrants sending money from the United States back to Mexico.  That means billions of dollars is taken out of the American economy and being used to support the Mexican economy.  How is that good for America?  No one is saying that all immigrants are bad and that many of them don’t make positive contributions to our society.   The conservative argument is that responsible immigration should be centered on what’s best for Americans.

Now back to Cory Booker and his emotional meltdown over a vulgar word that President Trump used.  When I was young my mother told me to live by the adage that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”  Why is it that eight year olds from fifty years ago were expected to have a more mature outlook on life than young adults do today?  Maybe my mother should be teaching in college campuses across the country and holding seminars for democratic members of congress.  Another adage I was told to live by as a young boy, “Stop crying and act like a man!”



Why normal people hate politicians




Politicians are easily the most untrustworthy people on the face of the earth.  Their number two concern in life is to get re-elected so they can fulfill their number one concern which is to personally profit from their time in Washington.  If honesty and integrity were the power source that lit up our nation’s capital then Washington D.C. would be in a permanent state of darkness.  I have never seen a bigger collection of liars and con men in my life.  Our country will continue to swirl down the toilet of decline until Americans begin holding our elected officials accountable and start demanding men and women of character to sit in office.

This whole Russian/Trump collusion scandal is a hypocritical con of epic proportion being foisted on the American public.  Back when Barack Obama was running against Mitt Romney for the presidency the entire Democratic Party mocked Mr. Romney for saying that Russia was the greatest threat to our democracy.  Now all of a sudden a Republican is in office and the Democrats are apparently watching the movie, “Red Dawn,” every night before they go to bed.  Did Putin turn from a boy scout to a menace overnight?  We all remember Hillary Clinton hitting the reset button with the Russians and making nicey nice with them but now all of a sudden they are threatening our very existence.  Poppycock!!  This is nothing more than the politics of disingenuousness.  Normal people call it lying.

Barack Obama had knowledge of Russia meddling with our election but he was so unconcerned that he said nothing about it; until the unthinkable happened and Donald Trump won the election.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton were so concerned with the evil Russian empire that they green-lighted the sale or our uranium to none other than the Russians.  Not a single democrat seems to see this astounding hypocrisy.  The FBI and the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with Russian sources to dig up dirt and destroy Donald Trump but somehow this is all right.  Nothing more than opposition research.  Donald Trump has Russian dressing on his salad and the world is about to come to an end.

The faux outrage that Democrats spout on a daily basis is sickening.  It is totally manufactured for the sole purpose of destroying the Trump presidency.  Republican politicians are no better, however.  For seven years they spoke about overturning Obamacare but when the opportunity came they didn’t do it because they had no real plan to replace it with.  They were just using the bad Obamacare plan as a cudgel to hammer the President on a daily basis.

The Democrats in Washington only became vocal proponents against sexual harassment after the Clinton’s value to the party came to an end.  Suddenly Democrats became aware of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment history and Hillary’s habit of brutally attacking anyone who made a claim against her husband.  I will guarantee you if Hillary were elected president things would be very different.  Politicians don’t act on what’s right or wrong, they act when they think there might be a political gain to be made.  Right or wrong is rarely part of the behind the scenes political debate; it’s more about what they can get the public to believe and what they can get away with.

Do I believe it’s possible that members of President Trump’s team spoke secretly with the Russians?  It is absolutely possible.  Were they trying to dig up dirt on Hillary?  Most certainly they were.  Is Moscow secretly controlling the White House?  Don’t be absurd.  The question to ask is this: If the roles were reversed would the Democrats in congress be demanding an investigation into Hillary Clinton?  The obvious answer is that not a single member of the party would be speaking out against Hillary.  There would be no call for an investigation and certainly no talk of impeachment.

To my democratic friends I say this: get off your self-righteous high horse and stop acting like whining babies.  If I had to put up with a socialist wuss like Barack Obama for eight years then you can put up with a petulant child like Donald Trump for four years.  When are we going to stop calling out the bad behavior of the other side but continue to turn a blind eye when our side acts without integrity?  It’s time we stop being Republicans and Democrats and politically join together as Americans.  “And that’s all I have to say about that.”



The Big Bad Wolf of CNN

This may come as a surprise to you but I don’t normally watch CNN. In fact it’s fair to say that I never watch CNN.  After last night I can honestly say that I would rather watch Sponge Bob Square Pants re-runs than watch CNN.  I think it’s fair to say that Little Red Riding Hood would conduct a more intimidating interview than Big Bad Wolf Blitzer when it comes to interviewing a Democrat.

Having dinner last night at a small restaurant I was forced to sit next to a television that was playing CNN.  The volume was on and I couldn’t help but hear the dialogue that was taking place.  Wolf, one of the prime-time journalist/anchors for CNN was interviewing a Democratic strategist and then he interviewed a Democratic member of congress.  The exchanges that took place were more akin to a game of softball than to anything even remotely resembling journalism.

Now I know that liberal readers will say that FOX News is a partisan news organization and in many instances I will agree with you; but at least FOX has opposing points of view and the real news anchors will ask somewhat challenging questions to opinions that are voiced.  In the fifteen minutes of “News broadcast” that I witnessed, journalistic integrity was brought to a new low.

Clearly the questions that Wolf asked were pre-scripted and only served one purpose; attack Donald Trump and provide cover for the Democratic Party.  Wolf would either play a sound bite or read a quote from Donald Trump and then ask the partisan interviewee, “So what does this mean to you?”  The partisan would then spend the next two minutes bashing the President offering opinions as facts and Mr. Blitzer would accept every opinion as factual and never once push back on any of the crazy partisan theories that were offered.

The hot topic of the evening was in response to President Trump tweeting that Huma Abedin should be prosecuted for mishandling classified information.  The pundit’s responses which all went unchallenged were:

“The President should never use the office of the President to attack political opponents.”  Apparently everyone at CNN has forgotten that’s exactly what the Obama administration did to the Republican Party and to the Trump administration.

“The President is using this issue as a distraction from the Russian collusion probe.”  How can the probe possible be distracted when the mainstream media reports on it every day?

“The President is using this as a pretense to force the Attorney General to appoint another special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.”  No one needs any more evidence to pursue corruption charges against Ms. Clinton.  Apparently CNN sees absolutely nothing wrong with giving uranium to the evil Russians or with the Democrats colluding with Russian agents in order to affect the outcome of the election.

“Donald Trump is using this as an excuse to fire the Special Prosecutor in the current Russian collusion investigation.”

While every one of these theories were being presented, never once did the Big Bad Wolf ask for proof to verify these allegations.  Mr. Blitzer never once thought it odd that there were four different reasons given for the President’s tweet when clearly they couldn’t all be right.  And the most astonishing aspect of the interview is that neither Mr. Blitzer or his guests ever considered or even cared whether or not Ms. Abedin was guilty of the charges the President leveled against her.  There isn’t a single democrat in Washington that is interested in this point.

While I will agree that Republican Party has little integrity I will also state that Democrat Party has NO integrity.  They are eager to dismiss all crimes and breaches of ethical standards by the Obamas/Clintons/FBI.  They see absolutely nothing wrong with accusing President Trump of the very crimes that they themselves are guilty of.

To the Big Bad Wolf of CNN I say, “You are a gutless and toothless partisan hack; don’t ever call yourself a journalist again.”  Compared to CNN, FOX News really is fair and balanced.



A Transparent Administration?

For years the Obama administration proclaimed itself as the most transparent administration in the history of our country.  On numerous occasions President Obama declared his presidency to be “Scandal free” while at the same time numerous investigations were taking place involving high ranking officials within his administration for actions that can only be described as…scandalous!   As the dust settles from the transition to a new administration it is more apparent than ever that the Obama administration was anything but transparent in fact they very well may have been treasonous.

A short list of scandals that can be traced to the feet of our former President are: the Fast and the Furious gun running program the led to the death of an American agent where 8 years later no one can seem to remember who gave the approval for such a dubious program.

The IRS scandal where a powerful government agency illegally used its power to target conservative groups in order to help sway government elections.  Where is the media outcry over this scandal?  A government agency was used as a weapon to actively affect the outcome of an election but the media doesn’t care.

The Obama administration illegally unmasking names in order to foster the Trump/Russia collusion as a way of destroying his presidency.

Had any of these things occurred during a Republican presidency the press would be doing backflips in order to break the biggest story since Watergate.  The press, however, when it comes to a Democratic administration becomes the three monkeys, “Hear no evil,” “See no evil,” and “Speak no evil.”  Now that Donald Trump is president they “Hear, Speak and See” evil at every turn.

Now why am I rehashing the old Obama stories you might be asking?  For two reasons.  First because no one has ever been held responsible for these high crimes within the highest offices in the land.  Second because the hidden backdoor deals made by the Obama administration are coming to light and need to be exposed.  Washington D.C. truly needs and enema and Donald Trump just might be the man with the latex glove.

It is only now becoming clear how bad Barack Obama wanted the Iran nuclear deal to come to pass.  Critics of the deal decried how bad the deal was at the time it was made but little did they know the behind the scenes deals that the administration made in order to secure Obama’s foreign policy legacy.  There are currently two scandalous stories that the main stream media is completely ignoring in order to cover up for the Obama/Hillary administration that are directly related to the Iran nuclear deal.  The first story, which is quite shocking, is the uranium deal with the Russians.  Not a single person has been able to answer a simple question; “Why would the United States sell 20% of our uranium assets to the Russians?” How is that in the best interests of America? A second question that also has not been answered is why was the Russian company allowed to move the uranium out of the country in complete violation of American law?  Uranium is used to make nuclear weapons.  The Russians sell uranium to Iran and North Korea.  Iran and North Korea are the two greatest threats to American interest around the world. It is astounding that not a single Democratic member of congress wants to investigate this decision made by the Obama administration and not a single member of the mainstream press thinks there’s something to investigate.  Can anyone say circle the wagons and cover up?

The second scandal that is only now coming to light is that the Obama administration torpedoed a massive drug smuggling and weapons selling operation involving the militant Iranian terrorist group Hezbollah.  That’s right, instead of putting a stop to a terror organization that was smuggling tons of cocaine into America along with other countries around the world AND providing weapons to other terror organizations the Obama administration chose to let them continue their illicit and deadly activities.  The next question to ask is why?  Why would an American president give deadly uranium to our greatest enemy and allow a terror organization to spread death and terror.  The answer to both these questions is one and the same.  Barack Obama wanted the Russians to sign onto the Iran nuclear deal and this was the price he was willing to pay.  He badly wanted Iran to sign onto the deal and was afraid if Hezbollah was prosecuted it would upset the negotiations.

Many would call these decisions treasonous and I would be one of those people.  Barack Obama was so concerned with leaving the White House with a foreign policy victory that he was willing to make some of the worse backroom deals in the history of our great nation.  If a nuclear device is ever successfully detonated in the United States it could very well be a result of our own uranium that was given to Russia.  How many people are going to die as a result of cocaine sold by Hezbollah or be killed by weapons illegally obtained from Hezbollah?

The liberal hypocrites in Washington want to crucify President Trump because he supposedly obtained DNC e-mails from the Russians yet they have absolutely no qualms with the President of the United States helping Russia obtain uranium and a world terror organization spreading terror.  It’s time for Americans to flush the toilet that is Washington D.C.

The unspoken crisis in education


I want to relate a conversation that I recently had with someone I know very well.  This person is a well-respected high school teacher; the kind of teacher that all the kids like and this teacher genuinely cares for the well-being of her students.  The conversation went something like this:

Teacher: “I hate my job.”

Me: “Really, what’s wrong?”

Teacher: “I hate my job; every teacher that I know hates their job.”

Me: “What happened that you hate your job?  You used to love your job.”

Teacher: “I don’t get to teach the students anymore.”

Me: “What do you do all day with the kids?”

Teacher: “We spend every day preparing kids for state testing and to make sure we meet all state requirements.  It doesn’t matter at all if the kids actually learn the subject matter; all that matters is how well they do with their test scores.  Teachers are graded on how well their classes do on testing, nothing else matters.”

Me: “Do you get to meet with students to help them throughout the day or after school?”

Teacher: (laugh) “You must be joking.  We spend every free moment filling out reports for the administration.  We have to fill out a *CCP Report, a DNL Report, a SLST Report along with several other reports.  It’s nothing but paperwork and a complete waste of time.  After school we have constant meetings with administration; there is absolutely no time to spend with children and all these reports and meetings are a complete waste of time.”

Me: “Can’t the teachers speak up and demand that the system be changed?”

Teacher: (laugh) “Speak up to whom?  The administrators want to keep their jobs and their jobs will be in jeopardy if they buck the system.  Teachers want to keep their jobs because they all know there are thousands of unemployed teachers waiting in the wings to take their job.  All that matters is supporting the system, the same system that is destroying the teaching profession.”

Am I the only persona alarmed by this conversation?  I can assure you that this isn’t an isolated teacher complaining or an isolated school district that has lost its way. These cries have been echoing from dismayed teachers across our country for years but no one seems to be listening.  Experienced teachers have been retiring en mass over the past few years and all have given the exact same reason for their early retirement; “I don’t get to teach anymore.  It’s all about meeting artificial standards that have no practical application. Our children are suffering but nobody cares.”

Over the past decade our education system has been hijacked by liberal theorists (thank you President Obama) who spend all their time talking with other liberal theorists but in actuality couldn’t teach a chicken how to lay an egg.  Anyone who has been teaching for a few years and has even the tiniest amount of commons sense sees that the changes that have been forced upon our national education system are….STUPID!  It doesn’t take a genius to know that teaching our children that it takes 32 separate steps to multiply two numbers is…STUPID!  When two parents with college educations cannot help their third grade child with math homework because they have absolutely no idea what the teacher is looking for, that’s a sure sign that there is something…STUPID going on.  When teachers who have taught for ten and twenty years are saying that the system is preventing them from teaching their students, then that must mean that something….well you get the point.

The longer we continue down this rabbit hole of STUPID education policies then the harder it will be to reverse the course and restore sanity to our schools.  Our teachers need help because they are afraid to speak out and when they do no one is listening and our children are ultimately paying the price.


*I couldn’t remember the real abbreviations for the reports so I made these up for context.




Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton – Two peas in the same pod


Back in the days when Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas his use of State Police to escort women for secret trysts was legendary.  This behavior was not only unethical it was also illegal; but even way back then the Clinton’s were operating under a different set of rules than everyone else. As long as it was deemed to be consensual everyone turned a blind eye and it was business as usual.  But it wasn’t always consensual. Bill Clinton as Governor of Arkansas and also as President of the United States was accused of rape and sexual harassment on numerous occasions.  But the Clinton machine, however, would quickly be put into action to crush and destroy and ultimately silence any accuser.  And who was in charge of the crush and destroy team, the team designed to humiliated and intimidate any woman who would bring accusation against Bill Clinton; why none other than Miss Hillary herself.

The same Hillary Clinton who would publicly campaign on the platform of protecting women who were abused was herself the chief abuser of woman who were violated by her husband.  This was well known by everyone in the media but the same hypocritical liberals who protected Harvey Weinstein the abuser were also protecting Bill Clinton the abuser.  Where was the media rushing to the defense of all the women who made claims of abuse by Bill Clinton?  Where was the media to call out Hillary’s hypocrisy when at the exact same time she spoke of defending women who were victimized she was victimizing women who were victimized?  Where is the media right now at this very moment when Harvey Weinstein skulks around like a pariah yet Bill and Hillary walk around like liberal royalty?

Bill Clinton is known to have travelled on Jeffrey Epstein’s, the billionaire pedophile, sex plane, the “Lolita Express” twenty plus times.  The plane is known to be equipped with beds for group sex with young and often underage girls.  Can anyone rationally explain to me how this isn’t headline news?  Can anyone explain why no one in the media wants to explore why the Clinton’s are connected to so many known pedophiles and sex offenders?  How is it possible that Bill and Hillary came within a hair’s breadth of living in the Whitehouse while Harvey Weinstein is a hair’s breadth of spending time in the big house?  Instead of being two peas in the same pod they should be two inmates sharing the same cell.

Liberals in Hollywood and in the media are falling all over themselves to denounce Harvey Weinstein in order to show how serious they are about protecting women’s rights and standing up for women who were sexually victimized.  Harvey Weinstein is in reality nothing more than a sacrificial lamb being offered up on the altar of liberal guilt.  “Sorry Harvey, someone had to take the fall to protect the rest and it happened to fall on you.  Don’t worry, we’ll send cards and be sure to visit.”  There are countless other well-known sexual predators and pedophiles who are living a life of luxury in Hollywood and in Washington who are still being protected by the so-called protectors of women’s rights.

Many people are asking why didn’t these women come forward to expose Harvey Weinstein sooner?  Maybe because they saw what happened to the woman who came forward to expose Bill Clinton?  They were destroyed by Hillary Clinton, they were mocked on SNL and other comedy shows and they weren’t taken serious by the mainstream media.  Don’t be fooled, the liberal cover-up of sexual predators continues unabated in our society.  As long as Bill and Hillary are liberal heroes their rhetoric against sexual predators is nothing more than hot air.

Do I need to mention how Donald Trump was crucified by the same media for an eleven year old tape where he talked about a desire to touch women in an inappropriate manner?  Could you imagine what would happen if women started coming out of the woodwork and accused our current President of rape?  The hypocrisy of our mainstream media is beyond the pale.



The “Other” swamp


Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric where he promised to drain the swamp that is Washington D.C. has stirred up a national awareness of political corruption in our country.  For decades the average American voted the party line like a brain dead zombie pulling levers to elect and empower politicians who are void of morals and conscience.  America has stood by for far too long while Washington has turned from the seat of law and order to the center for corruption and personal aggrandizement.  One can only hope that the current “Russian Scandal,” reveals the depth of Washington’s depravity and as a result sounds the alarm in the electorate and causes them to demand more accountability from our elected law makers.  There is, however, another swamp, the “Other” swamp, that I fear will be far harder to drain that has assumed more power than our “Founding Fathers” ever granted them in our constitution.  I am of course referring to the judicial branch of our government.

The wisdom of our Fathers when piecing together our government cannot be understated.  The constitution was and is a remarkable piece of legislation that was central in forming our government and ultimately in transforming the free world.  The brilliance in forming three distinct branches of government, each with equal power and each with checks and balances has been a model for almost 250 years for the rest of the world.  Unfortunately a shift in the balance of power has taken place over the past few decades and the Judicial Branch has become the all-powerful final authority when it comes to enacting legislation and interpreting the constitution.  Judges across our nation have virtually no accountability and they are, at least on the highest levels, given lifetime appointments.

The appointment of judgeships has become the single greatest act that any sitting President can engage in.  His or her decision can shape the direction of our country far after he or she leaves office.  One would naively think that the political affiliation of the appointed judge should play only a minor role in the judicial process because decisions are based upon the constitution and laws passed by Congress; but sadly this is not the case.  More and more legal decisions are based upon the empathy and personal convictions of the sitting judge.  Allow me to cite a recent example.  Only days ago a federal appellate court ruled that an underage teenage girl who was an illegal alien had a constitutional right to an abortion.  One of the ruling judges stated that her decision to grant the abortion right was based upon the hardship the girl would be forced to endure if she would not be granted the abortion.  According to the judge the girl only had two options: 1- be forced to go back to her home country where abortions were not easily accessible or: 2- be forced to give birth and raise the child.  The judge’s decision was not based on any legal precedent whatsoever; it was based solely on her liberal view of abortion and her empathy for the girl.  Somehow the judge completely ignored a viable third option for the girl which would be to give up the child for adoption.  The option was obviously not considered because it didn’t support the liberal outcome that the judge desired.  Federal judges have far too much power and far too little accountability.  Court decisions are based far too much on personal opinion and far too little in actual law.

The President of the United States has the constitutional power to decide the immigration policies of our country; he gets to decide who gets to come in and who gets to stay.  How then does a liberal federal judge in Hawaii have the authority to stop the President’s constitutionally granted executive order and have power over the entire country?  It’s called abuse of power.  The Judicial Branch of government has become a swamp of partisan political appointments that are using unconstitutional power to run our country.  At least there’s a chance that unfit politicians in Washington may be voted out of office but federal judges have no such fear for their jobs.

Our Founding Fathers provided judicial oversight authority to the Congress and gave them the power to impeach and remove from office an unfit judge.  When was the last time a federal judge was removed from office by an act of Congress for failure to follow the law?  15 federal judges have been impeached in our nation’s history and 8 of them have been removed from office while several others resigned before they were removed.  I couldn’t find one case where a justice was removed for failure to properly apply the law when making their rulings.  Judicial oversight boards focus almost exclusively on complaints of conduct made against a judge.  In other words, there is absolutely no oversight of the Judicial Branch of our government.

The Democratic Party has regularly relied upon liberal federal judges to do their bidding in the federal courts when they have failed in the halls of Congress.  Judges legislating from the bench have become common place in recent time.  As a result Democrats will NEVER seek to hold a judge accountable as long as they are helping to promote their liberal agenda.  Liberal judges have discovered constitutional rights that were apparently written with invisible ink by Thomas Jefferson.  There is no right to an abortion found in our constitution.  There is no right health care found in our constitution.  There is no right that states that tax dollars must be spent on inmates who want a sex change operation.  There is no right that states the government must pay for soldiers who want sex change operations.  There is no constitutional right that a person is entitled to taxpayer funded birth control.

Every one of these “Rights” has been discovered by liberal judges in our constitution along with countless others that have no foundation of legal precedent to stand upon.  The rulings of the liberal 9th Circuit Court of appeals is overturned an astounding 79% of the time their decision make it before the Supreme Court.  What is even more astounding is that the 9th Circuit Court comes in third on the list of most overturned by the Supreme Court.  The 6th Circuit Court is overturned a whopping 87% of the time while the 11th is overturned 85% of the time.  This means that Federal courts make unconstitutional rulings a lot.  These stats don’t even include the 3rd Circuit Court which is overturned at a rate of 78% and the 2nd Circuit Court that is overturned at a rate of 68%.  These are staggering numbers that never get national attention.  How is it possible that federal judges get overturned so often and it’s not a national scandal? Now some may say that the fact that so many decisions are being overturned by the Supreme Court is a sign that the system of checks and balances within the judicial system is working but that is only partially true.  The reality is that only a tiny percentage of cases ever get reviewed by the Supreme Court which means that the overwhelming majority of decisions made by these liberal judges stand forever.  Also, the cases that do reach the Supreme Court often take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get there.  99% of liberal, unconstitutional court decisions stand in our country every year.

The swamp that is our judicial branch needs to be drained in our country, the only problem is that I can’t seem to find a drain.